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DIY Creamsicle Body Scrub Recipe

Hey y'all! 

Is it just us, or are there are a LOT of people who have birthdays in October? We know you love to be thoughtful and creative like us when it comes to gift giving, so we wanted to share our super easy DIY body scrub recipe. It's inexpensive, fun, and oh-so-delightful! The recipe itself isn't extensive, but that doesn't mean your creativity can't be! Our signature orange creamsicle recipe is just one example of a perfect way you can express yourself this season and customize a cool gift that is sure to impress! 

We use organic sugar and organic coconut oil for our handmade scrubs, but there are many other oils / sugars you can experiment with, such as apricot or almond oil and brown sugar. 

We enjoy adding orange peel in our creamsicle recipe for extra benefits that include exfoliation and a brightening effect on the skin! As a bonus, this recipe is great to use on both the lips AND body and it smells delicious. If you're ONLY using it on your body, try adding some organic orange essential oil for an intoxicating aroma. If using it on your lips, try adding vanilla flavor to add to the sweet experience, instead. 

The best part about making body scrubs is that you can be as inventive as you want to be!! So happy creating!

To check out our signature scrub, go here.