Eye Makeup Tips to Prevent Creasing and Caking!

Eye Makeup Tips to Prevent Creasing and Caking!

Posted by JQ on Oct 19th 2021

Hi Beautiful!

When I think of helping women over 40 restore their skin I often think of eyes first because you have delicate thin tissue that needs to be treated slightly differently than other areas of the skin.

The secret after 40 is also figuring out ways to do more with less so you can avoid creasing, cakey makeup and of course - save time!  So I'm here today to help you unpack it all! 

One question I get asked a lot is if you actually need a separate eye cream.  My answer is no, if you're not trying to be target specific and address issues of particular concern, such as dark circles.

In example, if you want to fix dark circles, our Eye Dream of Coffee with caffeine would make more sense to use on your eye area because it helps constrict blood vessels (but you may not want to use it on your entire face). 

However, we have a fantastic Face Butter that can be used on the eyes, face and neck and because its first ingredient is Organic Aloe, it helps calm skin and is great for puffy eyes, too.

So to understand what works under your eyes really means to understand the ingredients and what they do so you can make the best decision for yourself and get the results you want.

You makeup is influenced by the texture and health of your skin underneath it so prepping your skin before applying makeup is essential. 

But today is all about how to make your makeup look natural without creasing and to hide your wrinkles so here are some tips on how to achieve this!

Start with a clean lid so that there are no oil deposits that interfere with your application.

If your eye area skin is dry or crepey be sure to apply a hydrating fluid, serum or balm first, like our Soothing Eye Balm and make sure to use products sparingly around your eye area that are non-greasy so that it won't travel into your eye! 

When choosing makeup products for your eyelids, choose matte coverage (Matte Beige Brow Highlighter) instead of creamy for the initial priming stage.

A hydrating tinted primer such as our Priming Duo is ideal for underneath your eyes because it evens out texture/skin so your wrinkles are less visible and you use less makeup. 

Treating your eyelids will always be a slightly different process than treating your under eyes because under eyes contain less oil glands and needs more moisture. 

Your eyelids tend to get oilier throughout the day so my motto is less is best to avoid the mess! 

For eye shadows on mature skin, stick with a simple, matte or soft shimmer and avoid high shimmer eyeshadow because they can highlight wrinkles.

If using matte powder eye color, the easiest way to avoid a mess and keep it simple is to use a flat brush to apply it and mainly stay on eyelids so that you don't contribute to any heavy or hooded appearance. 

Once you apply your eye primer and/or eye color, lightly set it with translucent powder or a finishing spray which may prevent creasing. Pro tip! Do this before applying mascara. 

In my experience, a light setting powder can be effective on top of your lids, but I tend to favor a setting spray more in general when it comes to under eyes and your overall face because you use less makeup.

You don't need a fancy settling spray and I love keeping mine in the fridge - the point is to use something water based that's cool to help set your makeup. 

If you have crepey skin, you can focus on liner rather than shadow - create a small line close to lash line for a more youthful appearance - see my easy eyeliner hacks on TikTok! 

Last but not least, curling your lashes and using mascara makes eyes appear more youthful and takes the attention away from wrinkles. Avoid false lashes that can make the eyes appear or feel heavy. 

If you don't have an eyelash curler apply a light coat of mascara and use the heat of your fingers to hold and lift lashes away from your eyes for several seconds to create the appearance of larger eyes.

Questions? Drop them below! 

Remember, the more you know the more you glow!

With love,