Holiday Faves from Jentri We Know You'll Love!

Holiday Faves from Jentri We Know You'll Love!

Posted by JQ on Nov 19th 2021

Hello Beautiful! 

It's that time again and this year we've put together a special guide to help you give the perfect gift. 

Regardless of your loved one's skin tone or sensitivity, one of these best sellers will be a hit! 

When in doubt, we encourage you to read the products reviews - those will help you determine the best gift for that lucky person in your life.

Most women over 40 have some level of issues with their dark circles and puffiness. 

There's a good chance that whatever they're using now doesn't contain caffeine (or at least it doesn't naturally smell like their coffee!) so our Eye Dream of Coffee eye butter is sure to delight and impress them this holiday season with its intoxicating smell and buttery formula that also helps lock in moisture. 

Caffeine works because it plays an important role in constricting blood vessels to help with dark circles and puffiness.  

After 40, many of us will experience heavier or hooded eyes.  This is normal and can be attributed to many things like genetics or a loss of collagen.  At the end of the day, we have a super easy solution for you and we've coined it our magical stick (Matte Beige Brow Highlighter).  

Because of our flexible matte formula, you can use our highlighter to create an instant eye lift, make your eyes appear lighter, brighter and wider, or even around your lips to stop your lipstick from bleeding. 

I think it's safe to say we've got a winner!

During the winter months especially, our lips can become dry making wrinkles more visible. 

You know you can never go wrong with our moisturizing chapstick (The Good Stuff) in Cherry or Vanilla. Muah! 

If you're looking to help Santa out more, check out our Kits and Bundles. 

Our most popular, Eye Brightening AM Kit includes our top 3 best selling items to brighten and lighten your entire eye area in seconds (just choose the shade of concealer at checkout). 

Questions about other gifts or stocking stuffer ideas? Drop them below!

Remember, the more you know the more you glow! 

With love,


ps. our Matte Beige Brow Highlighter sells out every month so make sure to pre-order yours now!