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How I Traded My Day Job for my Dream Job in Beauty

Hey Friend,

Have you ever dreamt of leaving your day job for your dream job, but you just weren't sure how to swing it or if you'd have enough confidence to pull it off?

Well, I don't normally get this personal, but I believe that's how we all learn and grow, so that's how I roll!

My mom was a cosmetologist so when I started doing makeup, you would’ve thought it would’ve come naturally, but it didn’t. 

My dream was always to work on films, but I didn’t know to what capacity. At first I thought I wanted to be an actress. And from an early age, I knew I loved to write, but that was about it. 

It wasn’t until I was was a PA intern on a no-budget short film in my early 20’s that I got paired up with the key makeup and hair artist that I remember thinking, hmmmm, this is fun and I’m kinda good at it! 

Oh, and a fun little side note, I worked with Jay Duplass on this first tiny film, who later, with his brother Mark went on with their production co., The Duplass Bros., to direct big time movie stars like Jonah Hill in Cyrus. Go, Jay (and Mark)!

So where was I? A few years later, I was back to working office jobs and living paycheck to paycheck. Occasionally, I’d land an extra job on a film, like Hope Floats or Ms. Congeniality, where I’d sit back during my downtime and take in all the ins and outs of filmmaking with sheer excitement! But a few years later, I was back at boring office jobs. 

It wasn’t until I got laid off three times in a row from office jobs I didn’t even really want that I realized I was tired of trying so hard to get a job that I didn’t even want. You feel me?

That’s when I had MY AHA moment....!!!

And that's what I share with you in this special episode of Beauty Aside, How I Traded My Day Job For my Dream Job (and how you can, too!). 

I share my initial journey that got me started in the beauty industry, with tangible tips on how I made the leap from working multiple jobs that kept laying me off to finally working full time at my dream job... and from the bottom of my heart I know that with commitment and passion, you can do it, too!


Yours truly,


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