Jentri Quinn - Restorative Rose Geranium Mist

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Say hello to your new Best Friend, Rose Geranium, who's like a bouquet of roses to brighten the gloomiest of days! 


Perfect for anyone who wants to add a luxurious, hydrating boost to their routine!


What it is: Our steam distilled Rose Geranium Hydrosol is sourced from organically grown flowering tops.

It works brilliantly at adding much needed moisture to your dehydrated skin.


How It's Unique: Our anti-inflammatory hydrating mist may be used as a toner to naturally tighten and brighten your skin. 

It can also be used as a soothing agent to heal bacterial acne and is beneficial for a number of other inflammatory conditions.

Rose Geranium has also been thought to enhance your health and mood, and stimulate healing from wounds and burns.


Aroma: soft, delicate, and sweet, yet has a rich herbal and floral aroma - with a light rose-like note.


Recommended Use: Apply mist when you get out of the shower/bath on clean, moist skin before applying your serum/lotion/oil, or use as a refresher throughout the day to calm your mind and lift your spirits. 


As a bonus, you may use this mist as a makeup remover  (one of your two cleansing steps) and to comfort irritated skin.


It's normal if you feel a cooling sensation when applied to the skin but it's easily tolerated by sensitive skin.


Who It's For:  Ideal for mature, dry/dehydrated, sensitive, and acne-prone skin.


Size: 4oz (glass bottle) 


We recommend using this hydrosol within 1 year from date of purchase and you may keep refrigerated to extend freshness.


Rose Geranium Image: Diana Haronis / Getty Images