Jentri Quinn - Youth Restoring PM Kit

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If your skin is devitalized, dull or you're struggling with skin conditions after 40, it's time to take your routine to the next level!

Buy together and save with this overnight dynamic skin duo that will leave your skin balanced and renewed! 

This Youth Restoring Kit is designed for anyone who wants to achieve optimal skincare results with their anti-aging routine. 


Youth Restoring Balancing Serum: Our skin-transforming serum helps restore, hydrate, strengthen and brighten your skin using powerhouse ingredients like Rooibos Extract & Niacinamide! 

Directions: Infuse into any skincare product to create a super power product or wear alone as a serum. For best results, apply on clean skin and before your Retinol when using them together.


Advanced Retinol Night Cream: Transforms your skin using 2% premium retinol and natural ingredients like hyaluronic acid, peptides, zinc and restorative butters.

What it is: Anti-aging night cream that firms, brightens and smoothes while you sleep without drying out your skin.

This hydrating, fragrance-free formula is made with premium natural and organic ingredients for total skin restoration. 

What makes our Retinol formulation different is that it won't dry your skin out like other Retinol products!

Directions: Apply nightly to clean skin. Smooth under eyes and over entire face and neck targeting fine lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet and dark spots.



Made in USA