Happy October!

Posted by Jentri Quinn on Oct 24th 2017

October is my favorite month, and not just because it's my birthday (I'm lying). The weather is changing in Texas and the breeze gets under your skin and makes your soul smile with delight.  The shift in colors, sweet treats and holiday-excuses to be around more people I love are some of my favorite things about this month.  The fall hosts most of my friends and family member's birthdays, too. 

And while Alex and I don't get out much that's the life we've chosen. We've partnered in business and life to create something bigger than what we could do on our own or under the direction of someone else. While it's hard as hell to find the balance I don't believe really exists, I still consider myself really lucky. When my back aches, I remind myself that some people wear back braces or are missing limbs. When my eyes bother me, I remind myself that others can't see. And when I find myself feeling exhausted or like whining about the struggles of work, I remind myself that a few years ago I moved back to Texas with nothing... and here I am.

If I have anything to do with it, these next several years will likely be a combination of steadily working, dreaming, loving on animals, eating popcorn and gelato whenever possible, taking uninterrupted walks, drinking good coffee, and carving out quality time to spend with loved ones.  Wishing you all many years of doing your favorite things with your favorite warm bodies. xoxo

He's never ready to take a picture!!!! and I still love him more than I love anything else.