Why choose natural,  non-toxic, cruelty free skin care?

Why choose natural, non-toxic, cruelty free skin care?

May 6th 2018

Why not? There's so many choices - literally a new beauty line around every corner you turn. So why not choose a skin care line that's non-toxic, natural, and cruelty free? These days, there are … read more

Customized Beauty Bar Launch Party this Spring!

Feb 28th 2018

Customization by Jentri Quinn Makeup + Skin is in full swing in 2018! If you can dream it we can whip it up for ya at our lip, body, or oil bar at Cotone, with— you guessed what— our olive oil fr … read more
Lip Bar by Jentri Quinn

Lip Bar by Jentri Quinn

Feb 3rd 2018

Exciting news!! JQ will begin customizing LIP colors this spring at Cotone Clothing + Beauty Bar's new LIP BAR. Need a Discontinued color, more hydration, a little plumping action, a color with S … read more

My gift to you!

Jan 22nd 2018

This month we have been experiencing technical difficulties on my website. For the inconvenience, please enjoy this 10% off code (10OFF) at check out and thanks for supporting my small local business! … read more