Jentri Quinn Makeup + Skin was born out of a desire to help women over 40 restore their skin’s radiance after battling to find the right beauty solutions for my own eye area skin issues, and clients with aging skin challenges and diseases.

Women would come to me when they’d start to see changes in their skin that they didn’t like and their struggles were the same -- they were tired of wasting time and money on all the “collagen creams" and "mature makeup" marketed to them that didn’t work. 

This marketing just felt irresponsible and wrong to me because 'collagen' doesn't actually produce collagen and 'mature makeup' should be formulated to reflect the changes in your skin, too.

You're the one who's always taking care of everyone else, and this is your chance to take care of yourself, but how can you when you're constantly being lied to?

I feel your pain. 

After 20 years of working as a makeup artist, esthetician and teaching myself how to make skincare products in my kitchen, I realized there were very few products out there that actually do what they say they’ll do, especially for mature, aging skin. 

So I decided to create skin loving beauty products to instantly help women feel more confident through the use of easy makeup designed specifically for aging skin challenges, while working on restoring your actual skin.

Because at the end of the day, people really want to get compliments on their skin, not makeup. 

One way we do this is by carefully sourcing high quality age-defying ingredients, such as EVOO from our family farm in Italy, featuring calming and soothing ingredients like Aloe, and leaving out potentially disruptive ingredients that can be irritating. 

Learning from brave survivors and warriors over the years, hearing their stories and witnessing their deep reserves of strength have given me a certain type of fulfillment I could never find from just making 'beauty products.'

To this day, whenever I give an esthetic service or someone uses one of my beauty products (maybe that's you!) my hope is that you'll feel special, cared for and seen the way you deserve to be.

Now let's get your skin glowing again! 

About Us:

Alex and I have gone from working in our brick and mortar store together in Austin, TX to spending the majority of our time serving you online with our line of restorative JQ beauty products. We have no plans of slowing down. 


What makes Jentri Quinn Makeup + Skin different?

We're committed to serving you with high quality restorative formulas that deliver real results. 

Since 'clean beauty' is often misused as a marketing term, in addition to being unregulated with different guidelines and meanings, (depending on who you ask) we decided to set our own thoughtful standards that you can rely on.

Our high quality ingredients are carefully selected to help improve your dry, devitalized, dull skin. Our restorative formulas are cruelty-free (we never test on animals), non-GMO and organic, whenever possible. Most of our cosmetics are also EU Registered for stricter safety standards and many of our skincare items have undergone clinical testing for customer satisfaction. 

JQ skincare is formulated with mature, sensitive skin in mind and without the use of potentially disruptive chemicals like phthalates and controversial ingredients, like parabens.  

We infuse many of our key skincare items with raw Olive Oil, thanks to our family in Italy.

We believe that the benefits of our cold pressed olive oil are superior to many other oils because we know exactly when and where it's sourced. EVOO is essential in helping you prevent water loss, especially after the age of 40 when your oil production slows down. 

How can you join our community?

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Since 2015, I've transitioned from being a freelance makeup artist and a full-time esthetician to co-owning my own brick and mortar store with my partner, Alex, and creating my own restorative beauty brand.

Since 2020, we've been focusing on serving our beauty community online.

Me and my partner, Alex, donate a portion of our time and event proceeds from our business, Jentri Quinn Makeup + Skin, to non-profits, independent organizations and charities year-round, like Beautifully Loved, who are dedicated to improving the lives of families and children with diseases.



Remember, the more you know, the more you GLOW!

With love and appreciation,