Hey there, I'm Jentri, and I help women over 40 restore their skin.



To be honest, I created this brand from a long history of struggling with acne, hormonal weight gain and being on prescriptions that made me feel sick every day.

Does this sound familiar? 

When I took the first steps to change my life, as you can imagine, the real work began.

So how did I start?

Since I was a little girl, I’ve been around the beauty industry. My mom’s at-home cosmetology business inspired me to pursue an independent career in makeup.

I knew I wanted more natural options but back then, there wasn’t much to choose from. 


Before Amazon was the go-to, I ordered a book online about how to make homemade products. 


After rolling up my sleeves in the kitchen and creating my natural skincare from scratch, I knew this was something I wanted to do. 


As you can imagine, making products in your kitchen isn't a sustainable business model, so I decided to get my esthetics license to help women on a deeper level.

As a result, I ended up helping myself along the way, too, because I finally had a foundation of proper education when it came to caring for my skin and others. 

When my esthetic's clients came to me with severe acne, using prescriptions, undergoing harsh treatments or in pain, I found myself wanting to help them on a deeper level -- yet again. 

When there are skin conditions involved you can’t just throw anything on your skin. 

Fast forward to right now as you’re reading this --  I've been blessed to grow with my beauty career over the years and I want to share everything I've learned with you. 

I'm passionate about diving deeper with you to help you solve your skin problems so that you can obtain sustainable results.

Sometimes that involves recommending a cream, other times it may require talking about lifestyle, foods and supplements, too!

Why Jentri Quinn Makeup + Skin?

I'm committed to serving you with honest, results-oriented formulas that give you the results you deserve. 

At the end of the day, I just want to help you succeed with your personal skincare goals because your happiness is important to me. 

How can you be a part of the whole experience?

Join us through our blog posts, Facebook group, Youtube & TT videos, and Beauty Aside podcast!

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I've always been multi-passionate. In addition to makeup and skincare, I also love animals, writing, filmmaking, and all things wellness.

Since 2015, I've transitioned from being a freelance makeup artist and a full-time esthetician to co-owning my own brick and mortar store with my partner, Alex, and creating my own restorative beauty brand.

Me and my partner, Alex, donate a portion of our time and event proceeds from our businesses, Jentri Quinn Makeup + Skin and Cotone Clothing to non-profits, independent organizations and charities year-round, like Beautifully Loved, who are dedicated to improving the lives of families and children.  



Remember, the more you know, the more you GLOW!

With love and appreciation,