Avoid Acne Skin With Jentri Quinn

Avoid Acne Skin With Jentri Quinn

Posted by JQ on May 16th 2019

Are you frustrated with annoying acne, blemishes and / or blackheads? Well, you're NOT alone, friends, so you shouldn't have to feel like it! Mark your calendar for next Monday (20th) at 2:30pm CST & tune in to our FB LIVE discussion (@JentriQuinn) where we'll mindfully share our tips on how to avoid those annoying breakouts, and discuss what you can do to prevent them and achieve clearer skin! We know it's much more than a "condition" and understand how it can affect our confidence. But don't worry, we got this! It just takes commitment and time, as shown in this skin graph below!

If you miss the episode, never fear, we will post it later on our group page, Your Mindful Esthetician, on FB! 


Mindfully Yours,