Breakouts? More Isn't Always Better

Breakouts? More Isn't Always Better

Posted by JQ on Aug 26th 2021

I'm gonna let you in on a little secret - more isn't always better. 

If you've tried ALL the hacks, spot treatments, etc. and nothing seems to be working for your occasional breakouts then try this.

There's a good chance that a lot of these "spot treatment' products marketed to you may doing more harm than good and I'll explain why.

When you have breakouts, consider what type of breakout you may have before "treating" it or pulling out all the things from your magic skincare drawer (you know the one I'm talking about.)

Also, know that occasional breakouts and acne are not the same. If you're suffering from acne, my advice is to see a dermatologist sooner than later to avoid post inflammatory marks and scarring. 

If you experience breakouts after 40 you're most likely dealing with hormones, too.

Often, these types of cystic breakouts are under the skin and around chin area and can be painful. 

When things hurt, it's natural to want to try to mess with them to make them feel better but when we do this we run the risk of over loving our skin and causing more harm than good.

If you have dry skin and apply a conventional spot treatment to a blemish that wants to eventually come out you're only adding to your dry skin problem and prohibiting your infection from coming out. 

When you do this, it's common for dry skin to appear over the blemish, too, making it take twice as long to heal.

In addition, if it's cystic and underneath your skin that means it's likely meant to absorb back into your skin -- not rise to the surface. There's little a topical spot treatment can do about this.

My best advice to you is to leave it alone.  

There I said it -- DO NOTHING.

Your body has a miraculous way of healing itself when we let it.

There are exceptions to this, of course.

If your skin is red and inflamed or you're feeling discomfort, you may benefit from some type of anti-inflammatory leave on solution like our Immortality Aloe Mask that uses Aloe as the first ingredient to help hydrate and calm your skin but also includes Witch Hazel Water that can be partially helpful in reducing inflammation. 

Some of my other favorite healing ingredients to look for include: Lavender, Chamomile, and Colloidal Silver.

You can also find these ingredients in hydrating mists that will offer you additional comfort, hydration and anti inflammatory benefits without the oil.

At times, you may benefit from using a topical exfoliant (i.e. with Salicylic Acid) that will keep the area clean and exfoliated, but make sure to follow it up with a hydrating formula, like our Youth Restoring Balancing Serum that contains humectants and Niacinamide to help balance your skin's needs during your healing process.

You may also find cool compresses comforting and helpful during times of redness and irritation. 

Last but not least, if you're dealing with gut issues, incorporating a high quality probiotic can be helpful for your skin, too. 

Remember, the more you know the more you glow!

With love,