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My mission to help women improve their skin (one choice at a time)

Everyone's skin is different and it's overwhelming trying to navigate the ingredients/verbiage and marketing out there, so that's why my beauty mission is to not to judge or fit everyone into a box with a premeditated 5-step system. I personally believe that all the makeup in the world will not help your self esteem if you don't address what's going on underneath. We offer a mindful approach to skin care and makeup with the intention of helping educate women on the OPTIONS they have to help them achieve results-oriented routines and ingredients/ benefits that are important to them. We believe that natural / organic is better, when possible, but it's not always the answer when people have sensitivities to natural products, that's why options and customization is so important. Believe it or not, I have clients allergic to NATURAL lavender, too. While we advocate for a more natural approach, being mindful of your individual needs is more important to us. We can't promise a lot of things will happen in life, but we CAN promise that we will always LISTEN to you with our ears and hearts and provide you with the best service possible.

Part of our journey is surrounding ourselves with people who share the same mission in life so thank you for everyone listening and supporting our small business!!

Mindfully yours,