Other Beauty Products I'm Loving

Other Beauty Products I'm Loving

Posted by JQ on Jun 18th 2022

Hey Beautiful!

Before we get started, I want you to know that I don't get paid by these brands to mention them and if I ever do accept a paid partnership with anyone else I'll let you know! 

Like you, I'm super busy and that's not going to change, so if a product doesn't make my life easier I won't use it and I know you won't either!

When we had our brick and mortar, in-person presence was everything. I always wanted to stay groomed and professional, which included getting my nails done regularly. As you may already know though, when you get your nails professionally done it often leaves them compromised and takes many months or longer to repair. 

I was happy to research and find this less damaging nail system on Amazon called Bontime and here's the direct link.

Basically, you apply a clear coat, then 1-2 coats of your favorite color, then another top coat.

So, here's what you need to know before deciding if it's right for you, too! 

Pros: It's SUPER easy to apply and dries quickly!

Con: It didn't last more than a day on my fingernails, so I was a bit disappointed, until I looked down at my TOES!  

The polish lasted perfectly on my toenails for 1-2 good weeks, and easily peeled off when I was ready to remove it which means you don't need nail polish remover. SOLD.

However, I'm not sure that pulling on your nails is the best, either, but I'll definitely take this option over the alternatives - especially when I'm in a hurry (which is most days).

Another product I'm currently loving is Nailtiques, Formula 2. I discovered this product through a seasoned beauty professional on Tik Tok, Kat James, and I'm absolutely loving it. It's already improved the look of my brittle weak nails in only two weeks! 

Kat also mentions using OPI Nail Envy over this formula but I haven't done that, yet - TBC. 

Here's a nail cuticle hack while we're at it - if your cuticles are ever severely dry or cracked sleep with Aquaphor healing ointment on them at night and use your Glow Oil on them during the day! It makes such a big difference! 

And if you missed my recent post where I mentioned dry heels, here's the link for the Urea Cream 20% I use at night - it's the best price I've found and it works wonders to soften dry cracked heels! 

I'm truly loving my newly restored smoother feeling heels that won't scratch Alex anymore when we're lying in bed! 

As a bonus, it comes with cute little socks to help seal in the moisture! 

On a different note, I believe we all can agree that the eyes are everything! 

One of my favorite eye area hacks includes using an eyelash curler. 

Earlier on in my freelance makeup career I decided I didn't want to take the risk of pulling at my client's lashes just to give them a lift. While the old school eye lash curlers do work, I noticed that it wasn't the most comfortable for the bride and I didn't want her to be teary-eyed before the ceremony, so I decided to try a heated eye lash curler. Problem solved, and that's what I've been using for the past 20+ years. 

While the original one I purchased isn't available, here's a look-a-like one on Amazon with great reviews that I think you'll like! 

While I love the feeling of our luxurious Whipped Body Butter, I wanted something that felt lightweight to alternate with, especially during the summer months when it's so humid here in Texas. That's when I stumbled upon this delightful gel-based body cream on Amazon by Nivea. 

While its blue color does look a little like something out of a sci-fi movie, I'm loving the lightweight consistency and over-all hydration that it's offering my skin at an affordable price. While I'm unsure about its claim to "tone and firm" it does make my skin feel a little tighter which I'm enjoying! 

And here's a little secret about body cream -- most of what makes your skin look better is hydration, not some sort of miracle ingredient that's often marketed to you! 

This next fave is one my dermatologist actually recommended! If you suffer from unwanted veins, too, she recommends using compression socks. 

When I started my search I found they were pretty pricey. After searching a while and reading reviews I decided to try these compression socks from Amazon. They come in a 3-pack and get the job done! Best part is they were under $20.

I'll be sharing a lot more of my 'other faves' moving forward because my goal is to always make your life easier, whether it's with my restorative products or other ones I love!

If it helps me, maybe it'll help you, too! 

Remember, the more you know the more you glow! 

With love,


*blog updated 6/18/22