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The #1 Thing You Should Know About Boosting Your Immune System

Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down and do a heart-felt interview with my dear friend and IHP, Larissa Ness. In the past, you may have recognized some of her music as a solo artist, or with her band, The Mrs., who have toured and opened for big names like Bon Jovi, but that's not what we're talking about today.  

We're talking about health and how every thing you DO affects everything else.

Here's an emotional clip from (my conversation) with Larissa on our show: "...I've talked to you about this before. It's really disheartening how many people are getting diagnosed with cancer these days or just all these different things. Right? 

From depression, type 2 diabetes, lupus. I mean, you just name it. It's just really off the charts these days. And after performing for so many of those events and then having numerous people close to me get a diagnosis and die tragically around me... 

I even had a music producer who committed suicide because he was depressed and people didn't know it. I had a close family member die of cancer. We've known multiple people who've died of cancer pretty tragically. 

So, yeah, I just got to a point. I read that cancer is predicted to rise to one in two people by the year 2030. And that was it. It was the final straw for me because I mean, I just can't take it anymore."

To listen to the full podcast with Larissa, and learn the #1 thing you should know to boost your immune system nowgo here.

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