Why You Need Olive Oil In Your Skincare Routine After 40

Why You Need Olive Oil In Your Skincare Routine After 40

Posted by JQ on Jul 8th 2022

Hey Beautiful!

Oil production starts to slow down as you age which makes it harder to retain moisture.  

If you have dry, flakey skin or a compromised skin barrier, Olive Oil can be extremely beneficial to your over-40 beauty routine. 

Our goal from day one has always been to offer you restorative beauty products that help rejuvenate and replenish your dull, dry skin for a healthier glow. 

We believe in the power of Olive Oil, which is why you'll see it and its derivative (Squalene) in so many of our formulations, including our QUINNtessential Priming Duo (skin-makeup) and Glow Oil

As you may or may not already know, we infuse much of our skincare with EVOO from our family farm in Italy. Knowing where your Olives come from is a huge blessing and advantage for us, as it ensures we're giving you the very best ingredients to put on your face. 

Let's talk about dry skin. 

As you age, losing moisture is normal because oil production slows down, collagen starts to break down at a more rapid rate and the Hyaluronic Acid that naturally occurs in your body is lost. Your barrier may also become compromised and more sensitive from a slew of things, such as harsh environments, hormones and medications.

Olive oil can be a wonderful additive, because, unlike other ingredients, it actually acts like an additional barrier for your skin, making it ideal for the prevention of water loss, especially during the winter months.

If your skin is dull, dry and lacks luster, our Whipped Olive Face Butter may be just what you need to restore balance in your lipid barrier.  For drier, flakier skin, consider applying our QUINNtessential Olive Oil on top of your moisturizer to further seal in the moisture.

Our cold pressed Olive Oil from Italy is full of fatty acids, antioxidants and healing Triterpenes making it ideal for women over 40 with dry skin.

In a nutshell, it's rich in vitamins, such as Vitamin E, and contains one of my favorite ingredients -- Squalene, a derivative of olives, which contains amazing moisturizing capabilities. 

These vitamins also decrease oxidative stress, similarly to the role of Vitamin C, which also helps prevent the signs of pre-mature aging by fighting against free radicals that cause damage. 

Studies have also shown that it can aid in the production of collagen, too, which speeds up wound healing.

Let's talk body care.

For years I suffered from Eczema (and still do on occasion) but using body products like our Whipped Body Butter has made a world of difference. I don't recommend using Olive Oil by itself all over your body because it can be bit of a mess or transfer onto your clothes/bed and may not leave you smelling the best, but it's lovely when used inside of a product, like our Body Butter and Body Scrub Duo. 

Last but not least, let's talk about how you can ingest EVOO for additional benefits. 

For obvious reasons you may love the taste of Olive Oil, but did you know that it's normal for Italians to take a spoon full of EVOO and eat it on occasion, too? I know this because Alex (partner of many years) and his family are all from Italy. It's known to help with certain intestinal issues, too (consult with your IHP or doctor to decide what's best for you).  

Pro-tip, buy Organic EVOO when possible and look for the Origin on the back. It may say 'EVOO from Italy' on the front and be from multiple regions. This isn't bad, but it does change the flavor profile. We often find the best deals on EVOO (with olives only from Italy) at Costco. 

If taking a spoon full of EVOO isn't your thing (that's ok, it's not mine either!) here's an amazingly simple and delicious Olive Oil dip recipe (video) that Alex has helped me put together for you. We soak our bread it in, but you can use it however you please as a tasty dipping sauce or topping.

Pro tip! Alex recommends saving and using your more expensive Olive Oil on your food after it's cooked. 

Remember, the more you know the more you glow (literally)!

With love,