Beauty Aside Podcast

Everyone's always talking about "balance" but is there really such a thing as this elusive balance everyone's trying to achieve? Small business owner, independent filmmaker and seasoned beauty professional, Jentri Quinn, takes you on a mindful journey with some of the brightest professionals to discover what it really means to follow your dreams and uncover various ways to lead a more balanced and fulfilling life. From working mothers and small business owners to relentless passion-seekers alike, we learn from the best how to be successful and create our own meaningful paths with no apologies and no regrets.



  • What it Really Takes to Make it in the Entertainment Industry

    Do you think you have what it takes to make it in the entertainment industry? Ever wonder what goes on behind all the glitz and glamour you see on screen? From working endless hours as an intern to creating her own footprint with Studio 512 in Austin, TV Host and Personality, Stephanie Gilbert, shares her personal story of growth and development over the years that's led her to her dream job of working in Broadcast Media.

  • How to Make it in the Fashion Business with Stephanie Quadri-Bender

    From early beginnings as a receptionist at D Magazine, Stephanie opens up to us about her path to becoming a senior style editor at Neiman Marcus and juggling the demands of new motherhood in her 40’s.

  • Juggling With my Real Life Partner and Entrepreneur, Alex

    How an Italian immigrant majoring in Computer Engineering at UCLA ditched a career in tech for a career in fashion, helped start up the two first Brandy Melville stores in LA and later opened his own boutique in Austin, Texas.

  • Welcome to the Beauty Aside Podcast

    Welcome to the Beauty Aside Podcast with Jentri Quinn.