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Jentri also spills her 20 year's worth of beauty wisdom and skincare secrets here with ya, too!


So if you're frustrated with all the misinformation out there on how to treat your skin, and short on time, our digestible beauty bites are made just for you!


Remember, the more you know the more you glow!



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  • My Top 5 Skincare Secrets for Women Over 40

    Welcome to our first episode of 2021!

    I'm so excited to share my top 5 beauty secrets with you today! 

    These have seriously helped me so much over the past year, so I hope they'll be of help to you, too! 

    Also, I'm not an affiliate of any products mentioned, I just want to help you by sharing them! 

    For more videos, skincare tips and beauty content visit my blog:

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  • How to Achieve Clearer Skin and Avoid Toxic Skincare with Dr. Cates

    Today's guest, Dr. Cates, is the founder of The Spa Dr. natural skin care line.  She's been featured on various TV shows, including The Doctors and Extra TV. 

    In this special episode, Dr. Cates shares how skin is an outer reflection of your health, how to avoid non-toxic ingredients, and her four points to achieving clearer skin from her best selling book, Clean Skin From Within.

    As a thank you for listening, here's a FREE gift for YOU from The Spa Dr.

    Best and Worst Foods for Skin:

    Want to learn what your skin type is, too?

    Take the Skin Quiz here -

    Use the code SAVE20 to get 20% off a purchase at The Spa Dr.® store.

    Connect with Dr. Cates here:




    Remember, the more you know the more you glow!

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  • Busting 3 Beauty Food Myths You Need to Know!

    In Part 1 of our live season on Instagram we bust 3 beauty food myths with the help of my dear friend and Integrative Health Practioner, Larissa Ness!

    You can connect with Larissa on IG/FB @LarissaNess and grab free health info when you sign up for her newsletter at:

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  • Navigating the new World of Media & Finding Your Own Voice

    In this special episode we cover everything from navigating the new world of media amidst Covid-19 to finding your own voice in a vast world of social media. She's no stranger to our Beauty Aside and currently the most listened to guest on our show - so pull out a chair and take out your note pad for yet another thoughtful, jam-packed episode with TV Host/Personality in Austin, Texas, Stephanie Gilbert!

    Connect with Stephanie on IG: StephanieGilbert.TV

    Tune in to KXAN weekdays from 11am-12pm CST to catch Stephanie on Studio 512!

    "Life's a garden. Dig it." - Joe Dirt

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  • Do This to Treat and Prevent Saggy, Dry, CREPEY Skin!

    In this live IG session with my beauty BFF, Clare Henderson, we discuss CREPEY skin, a common issue that women often experience due to aging and weight loss. In this episode we share our top remedies, treatments and what you can do to prevent it!

    To connect with Clare and Viva Skin Clinics on social media visit: IG: @vivaskinclinics and @clare.hender

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  • How to Stop Making Excuses and Start Showing up for You

    Get ready to go deep with your purpose & power today in this special episode with endurance athlete, TBI survivor, and life coach, Molly Cain, who shares her inspiring story of having a near death experience that lead to a brain injury that changed her life forever...

    Molly also shares her brave story of being a woman defined by looks in the workplace, her mission to give back and help others with brain injuries through her non-profit, Smile U Woke Up, and the tools she uses to help cope with anxiety and move past limiting beliefs.

    For a limited time only, take advantage of this awesome free coaching session with Molly below!

    "Fear is the opposite of faith."

    -Molly Cain

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  • How to Balance Your Skin and Avoid Premature Aging

    Did you know that if you don't have balanced skin then everything you do and every product you use doesn't really matter that much?

    That's because when the skin is imbalanced, it creates other sensitized conditions that leave you vulnerable to dryness, pre-mature aging, and even breakouts.

    This beauty bite segment was taken from one of my weekly LIVE sessions on Facebook where I covered the 5 basic essential steps you need to take to balance your skin, regardless of your skin type.

    If you want to go deeper on how you can balance your skin for a more youthful appearance, visit our detailed blog post here.

    Don't forget to stay connected with us through our newsletters for a weekly dose of inspiration and more skin care tips!

    Grab our 5 beauty foods that can help you improve your skin while you're at it!

    Remember, the more you know the more you glow!



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  • Buns of Steel, QVC and Silver Linings with Leisa Hart

    Today, we're talking about overcoming obstacles while in the spotlight, and how life’s rejection can also be your protection!

    My guest today is a fitness DVD icon, motivational speaker, television host, emcee and product endorser.

    You may know her from the multi-million dollar workout series, Buns of Steel, where she’s starred and choreographed 18 of the famous exercise DVD’s which have sold over 6 million copies worldwide! She also holds a pitch person track record of success totaling over a billion $ in infomercial sales.

    During our time together, Leisa shares insider secrets on how to get your products on a shopping network, like QVC, and spills the beans on all the behind the scenes action you don't see on TV!

    Leisa also shares how her journey with personal growth has led her to discover new silver linings!

    For more info on Leisa, or to book her for an upcoming speaking event go here!

    Watch Leisa's free workout videos here!

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  • How to Exfoliate for Younger Looking Skin

    Today, it's all about EXFOLIATION and how to do it for more younger looking skin!

    But why do you need to do it anyway? What's cell rate turn over?

    Which acids are the best? How do you use them?

    How many times a week do you use them? What time of the day is best to do it?

    Yeah, in the next ten minutes we're covering all that and more!

    As always, please connect with me on IG & FB @jentriquinnmakeup for your daily dose of beauty inspiration & easy-to-do videos!

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    ps. I'm now on TikTok!

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  • What They Don't Tell You About Starting Over in the Spotlight

    This is everything they don't tell you about starting over. Especially when you're in the public eye.

    In this intimate discussion with powerhouse TV personality, Stephanie, we go behind the glitz to discover what it really takes to follow your dreams in the midst of personal set backs and growing pains. From traveling across the country and going through a divorce to pivoting with her rising career in TV, we learn what it means to let go of what's not working in order to make space for something bigger than we could've ever dreamed possible.

    Most people only share the glossy images and stories they want you to see, but Stephanie holds nothing back while sharing her personal journey that lead her to where she is now, starring on Studio 512's hit morning show and being married to the man of her dreams.

    Connect with Stephanie on IG: StephanieGilbert.TV

    Tune in to KXAN weekdays from 11am-12pm CST to catch Stephanie on Studio 512!

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  • My #1 Secret Ingredient For Reducing Eye Wrinkles

    Did you know that wrinkles (aka expression lines) are actually scars?

    That's why it's common for your expensive eye creams to not make that big of a difference.

    Today I'm breaking it all down for you and sharing my #1 secret ingredient to help once and for all reduce the

    appearance of unwanted fine lines and wrinkles!

    As always, please connect with me on IG & FB @jentriquinnmakeup for your daily dose of beauty inspiration & easy-to-do videos!

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  • How to Treat and Prevent Hyperpigmentation (From Brightening Ingredients to Procedures like Micro-needling)

    Today, it's all about HYPERPIGMENTATION! AKA liver spots, brown spots and melasma!

    I'm sharing my #1 secret for preventing age spots, what brightening ingredients to look for and the best treatment options regardless of your budget!

    It can take some commitment and time to get rid of age spots but it's easier than you think to prevent!

    In this episode I'm sharing all the tried and true beauty ingredients and treatments I've learned about in my 20 years of being in the beauty industry to help you be on your way to brighter, more even skin!

    As always, please connect with me on IG & FB @jentriquinnmakeup for your daily dose of beauty inspiration & easy-to-do videos!

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  • How to Treat Large Pores Like a Pro

    This is what no one tells you about large pores!

    Welcome to the first of many beauty bites delivered right here for you every Thursday.

    Beauty bites are my way of serving you using my 20 years worth of beauty knowledge that you can easily apply like a pro with little time and effort (besides, who has the time anymore, right?)!

    This episode is all about LARGE PORES! In a world full of marketing, most would like you to believe that there's a miracle product out there to rid you of your large pores but today I'm here to unleash the cold hard truth! But don't worry, there's a silver lining, too!

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  • What I Learned From my Beauty Biz Coaching Session With Kris Carr

    Is your dream to have a successful online beauty or wellness business but something's holding you back from thriving?

    Well, maybe it's time to delve in a little deeper and examine your customer's online experience!

    Recently, I attended a wonderful online course called Results Business with Kris Carr and I was lucky enough to be chosen out of over a hundred badass women to be in the hot seat!

    I couldn't have been more grateful for this once in a lifetime opportunity to have a one on one coaching session with the oh-so-talented wellness activist and cancer thriver, Kris Carr and her Director of Content, Mandi.

    In this special episode, I share a few golden nuggets with you that I plucked away from my time with them so that you, too, can also apply these tangible tips towards your own business, website and social media presence!

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  • How to Jumpstart Your Online Dream Business

    Dreaming of launching your online business but not sure where to start?

    Shifting your focus from a small brick and mortar retail business to an online store?

    In today's special episode, I sit down with my partner, Alex, who explains the first few essential steps needed to jumpstart your online business.

    We cover everything from how to choose the perfect structure for your small business to legal requirements and what to consider when determining your budget.

    For more information on our Jumpstart Your Online Business course starting soon, email

    Resources mentioned in today's episode: (example of website mentioned) (example of website mentioned)

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  • 3 Tried and True Beauty Solutions for Tired Aging Skin

    Are you tired of looking tired?

    Have you tried all the natural skincare stuff and want more options?

    In this special Skin Talks Series, I sit down with one of my BFF's to discuss ALL THINGS BEAUTY!

    Me and my esti sidekick, Seslie, usually talk about ways to holistically heal your skin.

    But what do you do when an eye cream just isn't enough?

    What if you have a special event coming up and just want a one-time extra lift?

    My next guest, Clare Henderson, has experience with a variety of beauty treatments, including non-surgical facial treatments, botox, juvaderm fillers, and body contouring!

    In this episode, Clare breaks down the most popular, tried and true alternatives to holistic beauty that really work!

    Clare is currently the territory manager for Invisalign in the London area.

    Stay to stay connected with Clare on IG.

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  • How to Start a Non-Profit Organization You Love With Aysa Province

    Have you ever dreamt of starting your own non-profit? Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes of making the magic happen?

    My next guest helps us unpack it all. She’s not only one of the most generous people I know who genuinely leads with her heart, she's also the founder of Beautifully Loved, a non-profit organization that helps support families in need battling chronic illness. She’s also the creator of the Dell Children’s CBCC Fashion Show where teens are pampered and celebrated as they walk the runway!

    During our time together, Aysa shares her successful strategy for opening a non-profit, how to keep motivated during the more challenging times, her lessons learned, and the secret sauce to keeping the dream alive when it feels a little scary!

    Stay connected with Aysa and Beautifully Loved!

    Instagram: @beautifully.loved

    Facebook: Beautifully Loved


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  • How to Become a Successful Fashion Influencer with Kaley Margaret

    Have you ever wondered what it might feel like to be a fashion influencer, what the process is of becoming one, or how they get paid?

    If this is something you've ever dreamt of, or pondered, this episode is for you!

    My next guest is a successful fashion influencer, blogger and new mother who’s been on the scene now for over 6 years doing what she loves, and boy does she have some good insight to share!

    From transitioning her Texas roots to England and starting over, Kaley takes us behind the scenes on a fashion lover's journey to reveal what it’s really like to make it in the influencer space and shares the reality of what goes on behind all those pretty images we see on social media.

    Kaley also lets us in on the secret to growing a meaningful brand and vulnerably shares how she handles anxiety, and of course -- how to make money.

    "You're only a success for the moment you complete a successful act." (yes, we talk about this, too!)

    -Phil Jackson

    Connect with Kaley on IG here.

    Check out Kaley's blog here.

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  • How to Make Your Dream Work for You

    If you've been on the fence about how to make your dream work for you, instead of against you, this next episode is for you! Filled with encouraging determination from a relentless hopeful, we are inspired to open our minds to the many ways we can merge our wildest dreams with reality to live a life we fully love!

    My next guest is the star of the hit documentary, The Pretender, that premiered at the Beverly Hills Film Festival and he’s also the creator of the Yo, Philly! Rocky Film Tour. He’s spent his entire life impersonating and paying homage to his favorite character and movie, Rocky (which also happens to also be mine!)!

    During our visit, Mike shares his transformational journey that started at the age 11 when he first watched Rocky, to now in his 50's -- being the star of a hit documentary and successfully running The Yo, Philly! Rocky Film Tour while enjoying life in Philly with his wife, Sue!

    The Yo, Philly! Rocky Film Tour

    Watch The Pretender Documentary

    Follow Mike on Youtube!

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  • Becoming Miss Earth USA

    Are you a multi-passionate soul or entrepreneur who dreams of waking up each morning to do exactly what it is you love to do, while making a difference in the world? If so, you'll LOVE this next episode!

    My next guest is a triple threat. Not only is she drop dead gorgeous, but she’s insanely smart and multi-passionate.

    Libby Hill is 2019’s Miss Earth USA, a soon to be registered dietician, model and personal trainer who makes time to volunteer with organizations related to environmentalism, animal welfare, and veteran communities.

    In this interview, Libby shares her intimate journey towards becoming Miss Earth USA, her behind the scenes struggles that led her to focus on a career in health, her passion for the environment, and ways we can all feel better by surrounding ourselves with positive messaging and body images.

    And if pageantry is your dream, you've come to the right place. Libby shares some easy ways to get started so that you can turn that dream of yours into a reality!

    This is truly one of the most honest and refreshing interviews that will inspire you to be the best version of yourself, and maybe even see the silver lining in all of the challenges that we're facing today!

    How to stay connected with Libby:

    @libbybhill (FB & IG)


    Resources Mentioned: 


    For our one year anniversary listeners, take advantage of our special offer by emailing to receive an exclusive gift (offer expires 12/31/20).

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  • How To Be Your Own PR Superhero

    Have you been wanting to get your products or services featured on local TV but have no idea who to contact or where to get started?

    One of the biggest things that PR can do is give your business and brand credibility, raise your perceived value to the public and connect you with greater opportunities you may not have otherwise. 

    I love to help small business and entrepreneurs succeed and avoid some of the mistakes I've made along the way, so today, I'm giving you all the goods - we’re going to be breaking it all down and talking about how you can be your own PR superhero with zero money! 

    I'll take you through a simple step by step process to set you up for success, and if you follow this I promise it’ll boost your chances of once and for all getting that special story and product of yours on local TV and becoming your own PR superhero! 

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  • Best Eye Treatments for Women Over 35 (Skin Talks Series)

    Are you struggling with signs of aging, particularly around your eye area? If so, you're not alone!

    Welcome back to another round of Skin Talks, our special once a month skincare series where we address all things skin-related and offer a holistic approach to aging gracefully.

    On this episode, me and my dear esti friend, Seslie Recker, talk about some of the most common concerns and frustrations women over 35 face -- bags, wrinkles and dark circles around the EYES!

    We also address another common frustration women express to us - large PORES -- and we offer simple solutions on how to make them appear smaller.

    Don't forget to join us on IG and send us a DM if you have questions you want us to address on our show!

    Seslie's IG: @Sesboog and HillCountry_SkinCareNerd

    Jentri's IG: @Jentri_Quinn and @JentriQuinnMakeup

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  • What I Wish I Knew Before Starting my Beauty Brand

    Today I’m going to share with you the 3 things I wish I’d known before I got started building my beauty brand and business. While I specifically talk about me creating my beauty brand in this episode, these business tips can be applied to any business!

    When you’re first starting out it’s a lonely world. You can feel lost, and as much research as you do at the computer, there are just some things you can truly only learn through experience and with customer feedback. 

    When we first opened our brick and mortar together, I’d been a freelance makeup artist for many years and an esthetician, so I felt that starting my own beauty line was a natural fit. I thought I knew what I wanted. The truth was, as much as I knew the vision and integrity of products I wanted to subscribe to, there were other factors that held me from reaching my fullest potential right away. Those things are what I’m going to share with you today, in hopes that you can move forward with your business goals and avoid making the same mistakes I did - because everyone makes mistakes, they just don’t like to share them. But I believe that’s how we learn, so that’s how I roll!

    Hindsight is always 2020!

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  • How I Traded My Day Job for My Dream Job (and how you can, too)

    Have you ever dreamt of leaving your day job for your dream job, but you just weren't sure how to swing it or if you'd have enough confidence to pull it off?

    Well, I don't normally get this personal in my episodes, but I believe in order for us to grow it's important to admit, share and understand our failures, as well as our wins. My dream was always to work on films, but I didn’t know to what capacity. At first I thought I wanted to be an actress. And from an early age, I knew I loved to write, but that was about it. It wasn’t until I was was an intern on a no-budget short film in my early 20’s that I got paired up with the key makeup and hair department that I remember thinking, hmmmm, this is fun and I’m kinda good at it! This began my long-standing makeup career working with bridal parties, and a few big names along the way, that helped me afford the freedom to flesh out my film career, start my beauty brand, and reach for the stars (too much?)!

    In this episode, I share my initial journey that got me started in the beauty industry, with tangible tips on how I made the leap from working multiple jobs that kept laying me off to finally working full time at my dream job... and from the bottom of my heart I know that with commitment and passion, you can do it, too!

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  • Being Healthy so You CAN Live the Dream with Larissa Ness

    Are you ready to turn your dream hobby into a healthy reality?

    That's what my next guest did, and so can you!

    In today's episode, I sit down with my dear friend, Larissa, who's one of the most passionate and talented humans I know.

    Not only has she enjoyed a long and successful career in music, touring with the Mrs. Band and opening for big names like Bon Jovi, she’s also transitioned into being a successful Integrative Health Practitioner (IHP) who specializes in wellness, weight loss and longevity using functional medicine.

    In this episode we discuss the importance of functional medicine, why testing is so important, the many ways to prevent hidden diseases, what foods to avoid, the 3 benefits of Vitamin C, the best way(s) to take it, and what you can do NOW to boost your own immune system!

    Thinking of making your own leap into the health industry? We discuss that, too!

    You can use this link for Equilibrium Nutrition Supplements that Larissa mentioned in our episode:

    Also, get 25% off your first virtual consultation with Larissa when you use coupon code: BEAUTYASIDE25 at check out (all appointments are via Zoom or by phone). Larissa's Website:

    Connect with Larissa on Social:

    IG: @LarissaNess

    FB: @LarissaNess

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    Remember, the more you know, the more you glow!

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  • 3 Easy Skincare Solutions for Women Over 40 (Skin Talks Series)

    We're back!! And I couldn't be more excited to talk with my dear esti-friend again, Seslie Recker! Recently, I made a post on Facebook asking my friends (mostly ages 40+) what they want to learn most about in regards to skincare, and these are the reoccurring issues that came up: 1) skin aging issues, such as hyperpigmentation and wrinkles , 2) dryness of the skin, scalp and other conditions, like eczema, and 3) the correct sequence of using skincare products. On today's special episode of Skin Talks, me and Seslie tackle these common concerns along with some bonus tips for aging skin!

    Follow Seslie on IG

    Follow me (Jentri Quinn) on IG!

    For our 5 beauty foods that will change your life, go here!

    For more info on my all natural skincare, go here!

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  • How to Realize Your Purpose and Enhance Your Dream Business

    For several years I've been struggling with the idea of finding my "purpose," especially with regards to how it relates to my beauty brand.

    Story telling is arguably one of the most important parts of your brand or business because it's what's connects us all and gives our brands meaning. I kind of love that, considering I'm a writer.

    But where do we draw the line between authentically finding our meaningful story and connecting that to our brand's mission to enhance our purpose?

    When is it at risk of being disingenuous when it's shoved into a brand just to give it more meaning?

    And how does one find their purpose and still have a meaningful work mission, if it's not obvious (i.e., Tony Robbin's feeding millions of children)?

    After years of pondering these questions, I feel I've seen the light.

    Join me now for this special heart to heart episode where we delve into what it really means to have purpose, how it connects to what we do everyday, and why it's so important for our dream business.

    Remember, the more you know the more you GLOW.

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  • 7 Essential Steps to Improving Your Over-all Health

    I thought this particular content would be timely to share right now because it focuses on ways to boost our over-all immune system. Now more than ever, we need to come together and offer each other words and thoughts of encouragement and support.

    As you may know about me, I'm a huge believer in integrative health care. I practice this mindset in my skincare business and I've always found value in alternative healing and medicine. I love an open mind when it comes to considering all healing modaliites through chiropractic care, accupunture, massage therapy, motivational leaders, diet and lifestyle.

    I truely believe when we consider improving lifestyle, (also connected to our mental health, movement and breathing) along with diet and spirituality, it can positively impact our over-all well-being and SKIN.

    This is my summary on the 7 Essentials of Healing by Dr. Veronique (AKA the Breast Cancer Conqueror) from the 2019 Heal Summit. 

    These profound essentials were created after she experienced and conquered breast cancer. 

    If reading is more your thing, please share our blog post on the 7 Essential Steps to Natural Healing and let's all heal together!

    Remember, the more you know the more you GLOW!



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  • Skincare Over 35 with Seslie Recker (Skin Talks Series)

    Each month, me and my esti friend, Seslie Recker, get together for our 'Skin Talks" series to address ALL THINGS BEAUTY related! In today's special episode we specifically address skincare over 35 and focus on tips and techniques for looking your best.

    What methods are best for evening out skin tone? What should we be using for chapped lips and dry skin? How can we get rid of dark circles? What should we do for fine lines and wrinkles?

    Well, hang tight my friends, you're about to find out!

    Are you signed up for our weekly emails, yet? Sign up here now and receive our 5 beauty foods that will change your life!

    Stay connected with us on IG!

    Seslie - @Hillcountry_Skincarenerd

    Jentri - @Jentri_Quinn / @JentriQuinnMakeup



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  • Creating Sustainable Habits with Health Coach, Kristina Viniar

    We're LIVE again!

    Seriously, guys, this is one of the most well-rounded, in-person, POWERFUL WELLNESS INTERVIEWS we’ve ever had on our show! Kristina’s a physical fitness trainer, nutrition expert, and health coach who’s truly walking the walk she talks! In this special episode, we learn how to honor our emotions, form positive habits, change old, limiting belief systems, and start (small) to build a limitless life that we love!


    IG: @Getitatx



    For More (Live) Filmed Beauty Aside Episodes Like This, Visit YouTube!

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  • Solving Marketing Problems Using Creativity With Jeana Marino

    Are you struggling with self doubt or vulnerability when it comes to putting yourself out there and marketing your brand?

    If the answer is yes, you're not alone.

    In this special episode, my dear friend and marketing expert, Jeana Marino, sits down with us to talk creativity, branding strategies and social media. How does creativity solve problems? How do we grow our brands in a more meaningful way? We're about to find out.

    You can stay connected with Jeana by using the links below!




    Let's Talk (Podcast)

    In this episode, Jeana answers 5 of your burning questions surrounding:

    2020 Best Digital Marketing Practices For Growing Your Brand and Engaging Your Audience. 📲

    👉Getting Visible

    ☀️Social Media Strategy

    ☀️Marketing Funnels 


    ☀️Building an Email List = Empire 

    We also dive into what it feels like to be over the age of 40 in a very visible world.

    🙌 The Vulnerability 

    🙌 Competing with Our Younger Selves

    🙌 Impacting Others With Our Purpose

    🙌 Solving Problems With Creativity

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  • The Benefits of Healing Naturally for a More Fulfilling Life With Teresa Martinez

    How do you release stress?

    While discovering our dream jobs and doing what we love for a living is important, in order to live our best lives I believe that we have to remember to take care of what's inside, too.

    If you're anything like me, you're going to geek out over this next episode with wellness lover, LMT, and spiritual guru, Teresa Martinez.

    As a bilingual mother of three, life coach and practitioner of healing for over 20 years, Teresa has always seen a person's body as their HOME -- a home that can heal and birth naturally when nourished and cared for properly.

    In today's special episode we discuss the benefits of energy healing, massage therapy, alternative therapies and how having a doula can reduce the complications of child birth.

    Teresa opens our eyes to the may ways we can all release the stress that's been holding us back mentally, physically and spiritually.

    Roots & Remedy ™ (R&R) was founded by Teresa Martinez.

    Connect with Teresa: and on Facebook.

    Follow Teresa on IG @rootsandremedy

    You can also watch the full video of this podcast on youtube.

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  • Achieving Greatness and Creating a Life You Love with Allison Wojtowecz

    Can doing what you love make you healthier?

    Nutrition and wellness coach, meal planner, personal trainer, social media professional, and actor-comedian, Allison Wojtowecz, thinks so.

    Allison holds nothing back in this candid interview as we talk about how she juggles her passion for acting with her passion for health and fitness. She opens up about her low self-confidence and body image growing up and shares her struggles of an eating disorder in college that inevitably prompted her to take control of her own health.

    If you're ready to be lifted, today's special episode will leave you believing in the power of the mind and your ability to achieve greatness.

    Connect with Allison online: @alliwo and @flabstofitness on instagram / @thealliwo on twitter. You can visit her website here:

    Allison Wojtowecz Photo by Holly Beaupre

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  • Making Life Changing Decisions While Following Your Dreams with Stephanie Gilbert

    How do you know if you're following your true calling?

    In this special sit-down interview with TV host, Stephanie Gilbert, we leave no stones unturned.

    From our intimate discussion of evolving dreams to exploring the idea of failed relationships and imposter syndrome, we uncover various ways to fail with grace, become the next big thing, learn from our mistakes, and honor the process along the way.

    Connect with Stephanie on IG: and tune in weekdays to watch her on Studio 512 live on CW Austin from 7-9am or on KXAN from 11-noon daily.

    You may also watch the live recorded version on our youtube channel (Jentri Quinn).

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  • Anti-Aging the Holistic Way with Jentri & Seslie (Skin Talks Series)

    Join us each month for our Skin Talks series where we'll explore different ways to treat our skin in a more holistic way. We combine our many years of combined esthetics experience to help you find more meaningful solutions that lead to healthier skin. In our first episode we covered the basics of working towards more balanced, healthier skin. In this episode, we expand on the basics and include ways to help aging skin, and those also experiencing skin conditions and diseases, such as melasma, rosacea, dehydration and dryness.

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  • How to Make Money as a Makeup Artist

    Want to turn your makeup hobby into a dream career?

    With over 20 years of combined experience working as a makeup artist, esthetician, filmmaker and business owner, I've spent the majority of my adult life learning lessons, like the ones I'll be sharing with you today.

    How do I stand out in a sea full of makeup artists?

    How do I find jobs if I don't live in a big city?

    How can I position myself to actually get paid for the experience I bring to the table as a professional makeup artist?

    If you like what you hear, please subscribe to our on our Beauty Aside podcast on iTunes and YouTube so we can keep creating for you!

    Interested in starting your own beauty brand?

    Stay tuned for updates on our website / blog about our online courses, 'The Beauty Brand Bootcamp' and 'Jumpstart Your Online Business' coming soon!

    Grab our free guide here: 10 Steps to Gain Business Clarity

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  • How to Balance Motherhood and a Successful Dream Business with Kelly Hander

    If you're an aspiring entrepreneur, successful business owner, or busy mom thinking of becoming one -- this episode is for YOU.

    My next guest, Kelly Hander, is a savvy business owner and mother of two. She’s extremely passionate about health and wellness and her company, Be Well Bodyworks in Longmont, CO, that offers a healing experience designed to promote stress relief and ease physical pain.

    I’m so happy she’s decided to join us here today because we’re gonna learn A LOT about balancing motherhood while growing a successful business.

    Kelly's practice focuses on Ashiatsu massage that is based on a Swedish technique and the principles of Chinese medicine stating that good health is dependent on the balanced flow of vitality in the body. They are among a select group of 1,500 therapists in the country who are certified in this technique.

    Contact Be Well Bodyworks:

    Stay Connected on Social Media:

    IG: @bewellbodyworks

    FB: BeWellBodyWorks

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  • How to Find Your Inner Strength in Times of Uncertainty with Carly Bell

    Savvy business owner, seasoned dance instructor, dreamer, and real life hustler, Carly Bell of Dance By Carly in Austin, TX, sits down with me for an intimate discussion on starting her small dream business.

    She shares her secrets on how to be creative, take advantage of downtime at work and how NOT to overthink a good opportunity when you see one.

    Dance by Carly offers a variety of dance classes, starting at ages two years old to adults.

    All dance genre options available! For more info call @ 512.383.5714 or visit:

    Follow Dance By Carly on Social Media:

    IG: @dancebycarly

    FB: Dance By Carly

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  • How to Make Your Film Dreams Come True with Kat Candler

    In our second interview with magical storyteller, Kat Candler, we discuss all the tactical pieces needed to make film magic happen. From thoughtful advice on applying to film festivals to sharing creative ways on how to successfully raise money for independent films, Kat holds nothing back while dishing out her practical advice and supportive tips to help make all your indie dreams come true.

    Keep an eye out for Kat's latest work on Queen Sugar and Home Before Dark. You can also follow her on social media: @KatCandler and check out her body of work on her website: and IMDB.

    Stay tuned for Part 3 in October!

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  • How to Start Your Small Retail Business with Jentri & Alex

    In our second episode together, Alex and I discuss the start up costs associated with opening a small retail business, the differences between operating a brick and mortar store vs. an online store and the importance of supporting your local community while building your dream business!

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  • Skincare 101 with Jentri Quinn and Seslie Recker (Skin Talks Series)

    Are you struggling with finding the right solutions for your skin, or getting overwhelmed by all the products and marketing scams out there? If so, you are not alone! Each month on the Beauty Aside podcast we are going to host a special “Skin Talks” segment where we clear up some of the myths and confusion regarding our skin health and explore a more integrative approach to healing and wellness! 

    Today's special guest, Seslie Recker, is a licensed esthetician and holistic practitioner. Not only is she a dear friend of mine, but she’s one of the most thoughtful professionals I know -- always leading with a mindful heart. In this first episode, we explore the most common skin care concerns from clients and offer practical advice as to why a more holistic and integrative approach may be worth considering.

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  • Chasing the Dream of Film Magic with Kat Candler

    Today I’m sitting down with one of my favorite independent filmmakers and humans, Kat Candler. She has credits as a director, writer, producer, film editor and executive producer. Most recently, she was the showrunner on the hit OWN series, Queen Sugar, created and executive produced by Ava DuVernay, with Oprah Winfrey serving as an executive producer.

    In our intimate filmmaking discussion, Kat shares the joys and struggles of her humble beginnings working at a movie theater to making her own feature films and landing major TV opportunities in Hollywood's tight circle.

    Keep an eye out for more of Kat’s upcoming work on Home Before Dark, Thirteen Reasons Why, and Sorry For Your Loss. You can also follow Kat on IG & Twitter: @KatCandler

    Listen to Part 2 now with Kat Candler!

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  • How to Make it as a Beauty Influencer with Christine Le

    Have you ever wondered what it really takes to make it as a successful beauty influencer in today's highly competitive social media industry?

    If so, you've come to the right place!

    Today’s special guest is LA-based beauty influencer, Christine Le, who shares a passion for all things beauty and fashion.

    In a little over a year, Christine's grown her Youtube channel to over an impressive 26,000 subscribers and she was hand-selected to be 1 of 24 finalists out of 16,000 applicants in Sephora’s first ever highly coveted influencer program.

    But her success didn't happen overnight.

    In this episode, we go behind-the-scenes to learn what a day in the life of a successful influencer is really like, and the level of determination, business-savviness and passion it takes to turn dreams into reality.

    So, if you’re an aspiring beauty influencer or you're thinking of hiring a professional one to amp up your business - this episode is for you! 

    You can follow Christine on IG: @christineleeee and on YouTube

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  • What it Really Takes to Make it in the Entertainment Industry with Stephanie Gilbert

    Do you think you have what it takes to make it in the entertainment industry?

    Ever wonder what goes on behind all the glitz and glamour you see on screen?

    From working endless hours as an intern to creating her own footprint with Studio 512 in Austin, TV Host and Personality, Stephanie Gilbert, shares her personal story of growth and development over the years that's led her to her dream job of working in Broadcast Media.

    Connect with Stephanie on IG: and tune in weekdays to watch her on Studio 512 live on CW Austin from 7-9am or on KXAN from 11-noon daily.

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  • How to Make it in the Fashion Business with Stephanie Quadri-Bender

    Do you have a passion for fashion?

    If so, you're going to love our next guest, who's been in the fashion industry for over a decade!

    From early beginnings as a receptionist at D Magazine to working as a freelance fashion stylist, then senior style editor at Neiman Marcus, Stephanie opens up to us about juggling the demands of work and new motherhood in her 40’s.

    Connect with Stephanie on IG: @stephaniequadri

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  • Behind the Scenes With my Real Life Partner and Entrepreneur, Alex (More Beautiful Together Series)

    Have you ever dreamt of opening up your own brick and mortar store?

    In this special first episode of our 'More Beautiful Together' series I sit down with my real life partner and entrepreneur, Alex to have an intimate discussion about work, life, and all of the pros and cons that can come with following your dreams!

    Learn how Alex (aka an Italian immigrant majoring in Computer Engineering at UCLA) ditches a career in tech for a career in fashion, helps start up the two first Brandy Melville stores in LA and later opens his own boutique in Austin, Texas.

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  • Welcome to the Beauty Aside Podcast

    Welcome to the Beauty Aside Podcast with Jentri Quinn.

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