3 Beauty Mistakes That Age You + 9 Bonus Tips

3 Beauty Mistakes That Age You + 9 Bonus Tips

Posted by JQ on Oct 1st 2022

Hey Beautiful!

Let's face it, aging is normal but there are pro steps you can take to avoid 'premature aging' as well as makeup tips that'll be more complimentary to your skin after 40 and that's what we're diving into today!

This is because after 40 we lose things like collagen and Hyaluronic Acid that our body normally produces. Hormonal fluctuations, medications, diet, and lifestyle can also lead to conditions where you experience more sensitized skin.

When your skin changes, your makeup needs tend to change, too.

So here are my best tips to keep your skin in tip-top shape while aging gracefully (aka avoiding doing things that lead to premature aging).

1) Wearing Primer. Yes, I have feelings about this. That's because I see a lot of information from people who aren't beauty professionals claiming that primer is no different from face moisturizer. 

This notion is not my opinion, it's simply false and here's why -- primers have specific ingredients, like silicone(s), that do multiple things like smooth out the texture of your skin and enable your makeup to stay on longer. Moisturizers are usually water based. Primers often have a silkier consistency because of this and when used in certain formulations, may also make your pores appear smaller. 

Pro tip! Always use your primer as the last step in your makeup routine before applying your skincare.

In all my 25 years of beauty experience as a makeup artist and esthetician, I've never seen a moisturizer do what a primer is capable of doing, unless it's a product that has both. 

At the end of the day, using a primer really depends on your beauty goals and needs. But it's important to have realistic expectations about what your skincare and makeup can do. 

As I mentioned, primers can be included inside of other formulations, like our Priming Duo, that's an all in one tinted moisturizer and primer with SPF and Hyaluronic Acid. This makes it a one stop shop to even out your skin, conceal imperfections and to help your makeup stay on all day. 

Bottom line is, primers have special ingredients that do specific things that basic moisturizers don't do. 

2) Using Makeup to Lift Your Face and Eye Area. So often, we get into a makeup routine we like and carry it over  into our 30's, 40's and beyond. The issue with this is that when we lose collagen at a more rapid rate, our skin starts to lose elasticity, and hormones start to fluctuate more, our skin's needs change. And our skin condition will often impact the look of our makeup, too.

I find that simple makeup techniques, especially around your eye area, can greatly influence your appearance for a more youthful look. Best of all, it's inexpensive and easy!

By using simple makeup tools like our Matte Beige Brow Highlighter, you can create an instant eye and face lift. You can also use it to prevent your lip color from bleeding around your lips (to see this demo go to my Youtube video link below).

3) Using Eye Creams. It's true, some face creams can be used around the eye area successfully, like our Whipped Olive Oil Face Butter, designed for the eyes-face-neck. This is when it's important to know your ingredients. 

We often have specific issues we want to improve, so incorporating a specific eye cream to address these issues will be more beneficial to you, from a skincare and makeupstandpoint.

In an example, if you have dark circles and you use a product with caffeine, like our Eye Dream of Coffee eye butter, it helps constrict blood vessels that help with dark under eye circles and puffiness.  Less dark circles means less makeup. And I always say less is best to avoid the mess!  If you have a good formulation, like ours, that also helps prevent water loss -- it's a win win for keeping your eye area hydrated and soft throughout the day, too! 

We also recommend using a good Restorative PM Eye Cream, and encourage you to consider layering with a moisturizing OTC Retinol, such as in our Age Defying PM Kit. 

Simply put, being intentional about treating your under eye area is going to feel great, offer wonderful anti-aging benefits and create smoother looking skin for a more flawless makeup appearance. 

For the full 12 tips, visit my Youtube here.

Remember, the more you know the more you glow!

With love,