6 Anti-Aging Secrets To Improve Your Eye Area

6 Anti-Aging Secrets To Improve Your Eye Area

Posted by JQ on Oct 25th 2022

Hey Beautiful! 

If you’re like me, maybe you have sensitive eyes or have experienced severe dry eyes on occasion - all of which can be tricky when you’re picking out beauty products.

Eye irritation is all too common because we have so many external factors that come into play like allergies and soaps that cause dryness, as well as diets that can contribute to certain discomforts like puffiness and dark circles.

Here are 3 ways I adjusted my eye area routine that really saved my skin!

1. Rubbing eyes: This is something we do unconsciously but it’s really bad for your eye area and actual eyes. At times, we rub them because it feels good, but this can lead to more redness, irritation or watery eyes. If you have products you think may be causing irritation, it’s a good idea to not use them for a couple of days to see what the culprit may really be.

Of course, you can always talk to your doctor about using antihistamines if you think it's allergies. 

There are also homeopathic options I've used that are very helpful and won't cause any drowsiness. 

But sometimes, you literally have to go on an “elimination diet” with your skin to figure out what working and what’s not.

If your eyes are dry like mine, using good eye drops (I use Refresh Plus, recommended by my eye doctor) without preservatives can help sooth your eye area, too.

However, if you determine that you just have 'sensitive eyes' like me, consider using our Soothing Eye Balm as your daily eye cream to help restore and soothe your delicate eye area. 

If your eyes are irritated and dry, simple warm compresses with a soft towel can also be helpful, too.

2.  Cleaning eyes: If you’re cleaning your eyes and notice you still have makeup residue, it may be time to level up your eye cleansing routine. What’s best for you will depend on what your daytime routine is. If you wear heavy eye makeup, you may need to pre-cleanse with an oil or micellar water before cleansing again with a gentle cleanser.

When we had the store, I used to make the mistake of removing my face makeup, but then getting too ‘tired’ or lazy to properly remove my eye makeup. I was thinking this was saving me time at night. That way of thinking, however, led me straight to the eye doctor with an infection that made me miss work for a few days, instead of the extra five minutes it'd have taken me to properly remove it, because of a red swollen and painful eye. 

Skipping this essential step is simply not worth it.

In short, I prefer to use a makeup remover wipe and follow it up with a gentle cleanser. If I still have any residue, I may use OcuSoft, to ensure it removes everything and kills all the bacteria.

3. Sunscreen: It’s common for sunscreen to be something we ‘forget’ to put around our eye area, especially our eyelids, and for good reason — if you get product in your eyes it burns like you know what! That’s why I made videos, like this one, to show you how to apply it safely to your eye area without getting it into your eyes. However, choosing the right sunscreen is also important, and you may find yourself using a separate sunscreen around your eye area than you do on your face and that’s ok.

Remember that about 80% of skin damage is sun damage, so in order to maintain a healthy looking eye area, it's imperative that you include sunscreen.

So, you probably guessed it right - wearing sunscreen helps prevent signs of premature aging like deeper wrinkles and dark spots! 

I personally like to use a water based gel sunscreen on my eyelids so it dries quickly and doesn’t spread much, and use The Good Sunscreen underneath my eye area where my eyes get drier.

One reason for using a water based sunscreen on your eye lids is that when product heats up it spreads. So if you’re not super careful, you run the risk of product seeping into your eye and causing irritation, which is what we’re trying to avoid.

Bottom line is, in order to maintain the healthy delicate and thin tissue around our eye area we have to treat it with care and carefully. This may include adding a couple of extra steps but I promise - it’ll save your delicate skin!

Bonus tip! As a reminder, if you're not already using a great anti-aging PM treatment around your eye area it's never too late to start - check out our eye bundle here with everything you'll ever need to help your eye area look and feel more youthful and vibrant! 

Super bonus tip! If you haven't tried using acupressure points, or facial massage around your eye area you're missing out. Visit my Youtube channel or TikTok for daily beauty tips to keep your eye area feeling and looking beautiful! 

If dark circles due to vascular issues is your main issue, we recommend our Eye Dream of Coffee eye butter because our high concentration of caffeine constricts blood vessels! 

And remember, for more sensitive eyes, try our Soothing Eye Balm to soothe your delicate, dry thin tissue. 

For puffy eyes and face, our Whipped Olive Oil Face Butter will be a lifesaver because its first ingredient is Organic Aloe that's an anti-inflammatory agent that works to keep your skin calm and happy. 

Remember the more you know the more you glow! 

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