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7 Essential Steps You Take Now to Heal Naturally

Hey Beautiful! 

Since watching all 21 videos from the Hay House Healing Summit last year, (yes, I said 21-- what can I say, I'm committed!) 

I'm making it my mission to share with you what I've learned from leading health and wellness experts around the world! 

I also thought this particular content would be timely to share right now. 

Now more than ever we need to come together and offer each other words and thoughts of encouragement and support.

As you may know about me, I'm a huge believer in integrative health care. 

I practice this mindset in my skincare business and I've always found value in alternative healing and medicine. I love an open mind when it comes to considering all healing modaliites through chiropractic care, accupunture, massage therapy, motivational leaders, diet and lifestyle.

I truely believe when we consider improving lifestyle, (also connected to our mental health, movement and breathing) along with diet and spirituality, it can positively impact our over-all well-being. 

Without further delay, here's the 7 Essentials of Healing by Dr. Veronique (AKA the Breast Cancer Conqueror). These profound essentials were created after she experienced and conquered breast cancer. 

1. Let Food Be Your Medicine. Dr. Vernonique recommends leaning more toward alkaline foods.  More plant-based specifically, if you have cancer, with 80% being plant-based and 20% being clean protein based, if you want to add in protein. Bottom line, she reminds us that we either feed our body or feed the cancer. 

2. Reduce Toxic Exposure. She advises to look at what chemicals you're using in your household. The average American household uses 1000 toxic chemicals, and the average person uses 167 chemicals a day. 

You may also want to do tests to determine any toxic buildup in your liver. EMF is one of the deadliest toxins ( is a good resource). 

It's important to know that EMF waves can even go through a brick wall, so we should ask ourselves what it's doing to our body.  

Bottom line, you can begin protecting yourself in small ways like not carrying a cell phone on your body, use protected cases on devices and by turning off your router at night and not sleeping with your cell phone!

3. Balance Energy. Ways you can start are by being proactive - see a chiropractor or acupuncturist, if needed. Sleep more and exercise. 

Bottom line, being out of balance, such as not getting enough sleep can turn OFF the cancer preventing genes and turn ON the cancer causing ones. 

4. Heal Emotional Wounds. You can do this by seeking energy psychology, slowing down your thoughts, managing stress or through counseling or meditation. When we go in to fight or flight mode it drives our sympathetic nervous system. 

Bottom line, thoughts effect our brain and can influence the shape of our DNA. 

5. Embrace Biological Dentistry. Mercury is the most toxic element on the planet. Dental mercury vapor can enter the body when we chew or create heat in our mouths. 

If there's a toxic tooth it can negatively impact the organs. She also recommends getting a tooth extracted vs. a root canal to avoid further toxicities. Bottom line, if you have mercury in your mouth it's worth it to get it taken out! 

6. Repair Body with Therapeutic Plants and Herbs. A good source of information is at Certain nutrients and phytochemicals kill cancer cells and boost the immune system without causing harm like other alternative options do. 

Bottom line, using plants and herbs to heal our bodies is one of the safest therapies! 

7. Practice Early Detection by Thermography and Specific Blood Work. There was a 2014 Canadian study done on 50K women that determined breast cancer mortality rates were not effected by getting mammograms. 

The American Cancer Society states that by the time it's visible on a mammogram it's been there for 6-8 years. Mammograms also expose you to radiation which causes DNA damage. 

There are other tests that are very effective for determining breast cancer at very early stages. For example, the Oncoblot blood test can determine 27 different types of cancer too small to be seen otherwise. 

Also, The Greece Test filters blood and looks for circulating tumor cells that indicate you have cancer. 

Bottom line, Self-breast exams are just as effective as mammograms so she recommends thermography (usually around $300 if not covered by your insurance) since it can determine inflammation in the body without exposure to radiation. 

My wish for you is that you read this and something clicks for you or resonates the way it has for me. 

And my second hope is that you share the information with everyone you know. 

The more you know, the more you glow. 

We can all Heal Together