Best Beauty Solutions For Aging and Menopausal Skin

Best Beauty Solutions For Aging and Menopausal Skin

Posted by JQ on Jan 20th 2023

With aging skin and Menopause comes some noticeable and unwanted changes to your skin and hair.

When hormone levels take a dive or fluctuate your skin can become drier and thinner. And of course, there’s hair — you may notice more hair where you don’t want it on your face or chin and less on your scalp where you generally do want or need it.

On that note, I’ve researched some info and new beauty brands to hopefully help you get through these changes with more ease. In full transparency, some of the brands mentioned have sent me products to try but no money was exchanged for me reviewing or mentioning their products and I'm not obligated to them in any way or an affiliate with any of the brands.

First, it’s important to note that menopause doesn’t just happen to certain parts of your body, it effects your entire body and it’s totally normal. But that doesn’t mean the symptoms are any less pleasant or can’t be helped, especially when it comes to treating your skin and hair.

In fact, many women suffer in silence. So it’s comforting to know that there are specific types of brands and products out there that cater to this part of our life. 

Since hormones affect your entire body I thought it was an especially kind gesture for a brand to address everything (not just skincare) such as Naomi Watt’s new line called, Stripes, that I made a post about in this Youtube video. In addition to offering select skincare items, she has pointed supplements to help with symptoms, such as hot flashes and sleep, hair products to combat the dryness you may face, (no pun intended) and even skincare products that address restoring the hydration around your private parts. 

When it comes to hair, thinning hair can especially take such a tole on your self esteem. I’ve had genetic hair thinning (a specific balding area) my entire life and struggled to find products that help. With age, the thinning has become more visible, which is common, but that doesn't mean it's fun.

I’ve found the Better Not Younger brand to have great options when it comes to dealing with the things we may face with our hair as we age, such as dryness and unruliness. 

In more recent research, a Pubmed study suggests that Rosemary Oil may be beneficial for hair loss, too (Alex and I are trying it on ourselves and reporting back so stay tuned). You can learn more about how to use it here in my Youtube video.

Melasma can be very tricky and stubborn to treat so I'm always looking for more great OTC options with pointed ingredients that may help you resolve this battle. On this note, I've really enjoyed using the Major Fade System that I created a youtube video about by Dr. Idriss. I don't have melasma but I do have mild hyperpigmentation that I've been managing well throughout the years with my own products. What's important to know about hyperpigmentation is that once it fades it likely doesn't go away forever -- it needs to be managed.

My skin doesn't like everything, but I've noticed that it tolerates this Major Fade system very well and it does feel wonderful on the skin! So if you don't have a prescription you're already using that's effective or you've tried other OTC products with no luck, this one seems promising.

It’s important to note that while we don’t market ourselves as a brand for ‘menopause’ at Jentri Quinn we do offer many products that may be helpful to you if you’re experiencing symptoms like dull, dry, and/or crepey skin because our line is specifically designed to help women over 40 restore their skin.

Aging skin often needs a little extra love because we lose our moisture, therefore we lose our volume and plumpness. For extra hydration, you may consider using a Hyaluronic Acidor Vitamin C Serum under your Whipped Olive Face Butter or favorite moisturizer. In addition, considering a great facial oil to help lock in moisture may additionally be helpful when it comes to preventing TEWL (water loss).

At the end of the day, if it seems too overwhelming a board-certified OBGYN, like by Mary Claire Haver, MD (who I follow on social media) that specializes in menopause and/or a dermatologist, along with a licensed esthetician like myself, can help create a synergistic treatment plan with you to work on things from the inside out.

Last but not least, if you’re experiencing thinning of the brows and/or lashes, look into products with Castor Oil or use it alone, but be mindful of getting it or anything else too close to your eyeballs to avoid irritation.

I hope this information is as helpful for you. 

Remember, the more you know the more you glow! 

With love,