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Celery Juice for Healthier Skin

Hi Beautiful People! 

So you've heard about the latest trend, drinking fresh celery juice for ailments??!! What if I told you it wasn't a trend at all? In fact, it far supersedes any notion of a trend, considering no person stands to monetize of its sales, unless you think some celery farmer was behind it. My mom even said she read a book 40 years ago echoing a similar message! So what about all the marketing around celery juice powders and pills out there? In Celery Juice by Medical Medium, Anthony William explains how any modification of fresh celery juice consumed, even merely adding water or lemon, negates its ability to do the work it needs to do. Celery juice is a powerful herbal medicinal that can help restore health when used correctly. In short, the salt clusters attach themselves to toxicities and help carry them out of the body. Celery juice helps cleanse the liver, which inadvertently aids in the healing of many other ailments that get compromised from a buildup of toxins in the liver.  There is no way that a powder form of celery juice can produce the same beneficial results (sorry). 

As a licensed esthetician I'm always fascinated with how the skin works, since it's also the largest organ. I've learned, from my years of esthetics experience and through peers with integrative practices, that everything is connected - there is no "bad skin" without an underlying issue. Sometimes the issue can be helped or contained with medication or a good cleanser, but in order to actually resolve the root cause, you have to dig deeper. To my surprise, the Medical Medium explains that cysts and acne can develop from a variety of toxins that build up in the body from viruses, such as EBV.  Here's a good interview by Kris Carr that summarizes EBV's affect on the body.

In order to understand its full benefits, I recommend reading the (inexpensive!!) book yourself, but the short version is that incorporating this herbal drink into your lifestyle can only HELP you achieve the healthy glow you're going for or heal those unwanted conditions / symptoms due to years of toxic buildup. It's not our fault we get sick, but if we don't understand WHY by doing our own research and exploring these natural remedies, we'll be doing ourselves/ health a disservice... and like they say, history will repeat itself. 

I've been drinking celery juice in the AM for about 3-4 weeks, along with many of my friends who've already experienced some relief from issues, such as low energy levels and anxiety (yes, you heard right, anxiety!!).  I've missed a couple days here and there, and I've consumed various ounces depending on how much celery I had in my fridge, but I'm not aiming for perfect. I'm aiming for an over-all start of something hopeful.. something good. I have more energy during the day, less cravings already, and I'm hopeful that at some point I'll see some relief from my own issues (eye floaters, to name one!!).  

Wherever you are in your journey, best of luck to you as you learn, grow and heal! I'm a perpetual learner, just like you!  Let's all HEAL together.




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