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Choosing the Right Facial Oil for Your Skin Type

When I first created our glow oil, I knew I didn’t want something that would clog pores because I’ve had my own share of painful skin challenges in the past and I know the wrong oils can contribute to that, (see my bio if you'd like to read my full story)!

A common misunderstanding about facial oils is that they are moisturizing or hydrating. Most oils work to seal in moisture, because they’re occlusive agents, but they won’t actually provide the moisture which your skin is likely thirsty for, especially if it’s dehydrated.

For more on determining and treating your skin type, go here. 

Dry vs. Dehydrated skin often another confusing topic. When your skin is DRY it needs oil unless it’s also acne-prone. Trust me, if your skin is breaking out, there is already oil on your skin some where!

When your skin is dehydrated you need water-loving moisturizers, (aka humectants) first.

So let’s break this oil thing down:

Facial oils are generally a combination of various oils, including essential oils, that usually don’t require additional preservatives since there is no bacteria growth when there is no water.

Oil blends are a great way to get those fatty acids we lose as we age. But oils are not all created equal and are not ideal for all skin types.

If you have oily or acne prone skin, I recommend to avoid using products with oils altogether, which can clog pores, because they also create a sealant type barrier.

The exception to this is if you press a non-comedogenic facial oil onto the skin, over your water-based lotion (without rubbing it in) to better lock in the moisture.

Now, I don’t create a ton of products each year because the ones I create are carefully crafted over time to address the majority of skin issues I see with my clients.

However, I love the heck out of a good non-comedogenic, nourishing face oil that gives me the ultimate advantage when it comes to my skin aging, so I knew I wanted to create one for us all!

This is where the real work began. 

After several months of researcing and trying different combinations, I finally came up with our glow oil recipe -- a super simple, nourishing, non-comedogenic oil consisting of only three anti-aging and healing ingredients -organic hemp seed oil, (sourced from our CO manufacturer we trust) that’s full of omegas, with vegan squalene, (sourced from olives!) which also mildly exfoliates the skin!

This carefully crafted combo contributes to the hydration levels as well without breaking out the skin! It has a natural (minimal) rose scent with added benefits from the high quality essential oil we use that can help calm irritated skin.

Our luxurious facial oil works wonderfully for MOST skin types and it won't contribute to breakouts (if you’re experiencing active acne, however, I’d recommend holding off on the face oils until we are able to calm down your skin).

If after consuming all of our free online resources (via YouTube, our blog, and live streams via our Heal Together group) you’re still struggling to find answers and the perfect balance with your skin, I’d love to personally help YOU.

I offer virtual consultations via Skype or Face-time with on-going online support. for more information!

Doing a virtual consultation can save you loads of time and money because we’re able to cut to the chase by asking the right questions and guiding you on a transformative journey toward healthy, happier skin.

Remember, the more you know, the more you GROW!

With tremendous love,


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