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Coronavirus: Natural Immune Boosting Tips For Year-Round Health!

Hi Beautiful

Everybody is talking about the “C” word so instead of fueling the anxiety, which NO ONE benefits from, we decided to chime in on how you can be proactive and boost your own immune system naturally! 

Unfortunately, my partner's family is in Italy so we are feeling the gravity of what’s been happening these last several weeks. But even if you’re not in one of the hardest hit areas re: Coronavirus (COVID-19), it’s still a good idea to learn ways to boost your immunity year round! 

Our bodies are pretty incredible when it comes to healing, and unless you suffer from an auto-immune disease or are much older, our bodies usually just need a little extra support from us to stay strong and recover well.

While we can never claim any recommendations will prevent you from getting any virus or cure anything, it’s always a good idea to practice good hygiene and incorporate immune boosting foods / supplements into your diet!


  1. Eat plenty of fruits and veggies. Sound too easy? So many of us forget how many vitamins we can gain from eating high quality produce. Don’t have time? Throw in a green juice or smoothie!
  2. Get your ZZZ’s. While it’s not rocket science, I know, there are many folks out there (like my Alex!!) who struggle with this for multiple reasons. If you don’t get enough rest your body can’t recover. I’d like to recommend committing to a certain bed time that will ensure you get enough rest. And if you have trouble sleeping from restless legs, mild aches and pains or general insomnia, try an all-natural sleep aid such as CBD oil (also helps with pain), Melatonin, 5 HTP (Serotonin Synthesizers), Magnesium (spray oil is also a good option to spray directly on area that hurts), Magnesia phosphorica 30c (homeopathic) or good ole exercise during the day to get out that unwanted energy!
  3. Good Hygiene. According to Dr. Han Pho in San Antonio, we should keep our hands clean and resist touching our mouth, nose and eyes (this is how you contract a lot of germs!). He also mentions washing your hands for at least 20 seconds with warm water and soap after visiting public places.
  4. Manage your stress level. Nothing will arguably make you sick quicker than when stress meets germs. It lowers our immune system and makes us more susceptible to getting sick. I recommend meditating, exercising (whatever form you vibe with!!), participating in calming rituals (i.e., lighting sage, candles), taking a hot bath, getting a massage or just laying on your heating pad!
  5. Practice Prevention. This falls in line with eating healthy and doing all of the above. Getting plenty of vitamin C is a great way to help your body out. Check your levels of 25-OH Vitamin D, too. I personally love taking elderberry syrup (my favorite is Gaia brand!), which is high in vitamin C and tastes great (bonus if you have kids!).

If you want to hear more of our WELLNESS tips on BOOSTING YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM, tune in with me and Larissa next Wednesday at 1 pm CST in our Heal Together group where we will fill ya in on many more ways to stay healthy, plus, learn our 3 TOP FOODS to incorporate into your everyday diet, and learn how to make your own HAND SANITIZER! Whoop, whoop! 

Last but not least, don’t get caught up in all the confusion and anxiety, which only causes more stress. Stick with the FACTS and learn how to help you and your family stay healthy, naturally (like you're doing right now - high five!!)!

Remember, the more you know, the more you GROW.

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