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Crepey Skin: What It is and How to Get Rid of It

Hello, Beautiful! 

Do you have saggy, dry, devitalized skin? If so, you may have crepey skin.

But don't worry, it sounds worse than it is.

This common condition can happen to your face or any other place on your body when you lose a lot of weight or just simply with aging. 

Sun damage is usually a main factor because it reduces collagen and elastin. 

Good news is you can use products that contain humectants like glycerin, aloe and hyaluronic acid to help hydrate it (like my whipped body butter that has glycerin, my face butter that has aloe, or our best selling Hyaluronic acid serum— but you can also find over the counter products with these ingredients, too, if course).

If purchasing over-the-counter products be sure to do your research on the quality so that you're not wasting your money! 

And don't forget to wear appropriate sunscreen, like our non-toxic formula - The Good Sunscreen - to prevent further damage!

Products with retinol can help you restore the Collagen because it helps with cell rate turnover but if you want the most natural approach - try using a luxurious body scrub like ours that'll also help with the exfoliation (cell rate turn over) process.

Bottom line, aim to boost your body’s collagen and elastin, and focus on hydrating your skin (not just using occlusives like coconut oil that help you retain moisture). 

Certain exercises may help with the appearance, too. 

To learn more about treatments and remedies for crepey skin listen to this episode on Beauty Aside!

Remember, the more you know the more you glow!