Discover The Shocking Truth About Hooded Eyes

Discover The Shocking Truth About Hooded Eyes

Posted by JQ on Aug 15th 2022

Hooded eyes are more common than you may think.  

In fact, what if I told you that they’re totally normal? 

Would you believe me?

The problem is, in a world where we idolize celebrities and models that have been airbrushed, CGI’d or had surgery, sometimes it’s hard to understand what’s real and what's not.

While hooded eyes can be really annoying if they make you feel tired or effect your vision, they’re often not life threatening.

When we age it's normal for the muscles around your eyes to weaken and sag. Your eyelids may droop and some of the skin may create a hooded effect over your eyelid. 

If you're like me, your hooded eyes may be genetic. Regardless of it it's genetic or not, it's likely to occur to some degree with age as we lose collagen.

How you choose to “deal” with hooded eyes depends on your goals and often how you feel about them..

If your goal is to give your eyes a little lift without surgery so you don’t look tired when you don’t feel tired, makeup is often the best choice (more on that shortly).

If your eyes are effecting your vision or making your eyes feel tired when you’re not, please consult with your doctor to decide what your best options are.

Before we dive in too deeply, I want to clear the air and stigma around hooded eyes by saying something that may shock you—

Hooded eyes are beautiful.

In fact, some of the most esthetically beautiful women in the world have hooded eyes, you’ve probably just never noticed. That’s because we’re so hyper focused on what we look like or how we feel we’re supposed to look like. 

Whatever you choose to do, I want you to know that I understand and I’m here for you.

My eyes have always been my favorite feature on me, but they're also something I've had the most trouble with.

I’ve had vision impairment my entire life, and heavier and slightly hooded eyes since I was 19. They never bothered me until they started to make my eyes feel tired, even when I wasn't. And putting a higher level of focus on them, only made it worse. “Man, it sure would feel amazing to get this extra skin cut off,” I thought.

Can you relate?

But everything comes with a price, a risk and potential downside. 

So I decided to investigate. I spoke to people who had had the surgery, I read about the recovery process (warning- it's intense) and even did research on doctors.

I decided that the best course of action for me personally would be to wait and see how I could improve how I felt about my eyes without surgery first because taking a risk around my eye area has always seemed like such a big ask, considering my other "eye issues". 

Perhaps you're like me, or perhaps you're fed up and tired of looking tired. 

Here are the 3 main options you have when it comes to changing the appearance of your hooded eyes, if they bother you.

1) Surgery is the only permanent option but it's the most expensive and comes with risks and downtime. 

2) Lasers, like Tixel, that use heat energy to build collagen can be helpful but are also not permanent. While they can last a long time, they're also expensive, require multiple treatments and come with their own set of risks.

3) Topicals that encourage collagen production can help you strengthen the integrity of your eye area. Wearing sunscreen around your eye area will also help prevent the signs of premature aging. 

There are additional esthetics services like Microcurrent that may offer additional temporary improvement when done with consistency. 

As a bonus, don't underestimate the power of makeup hacks, such as with our Matte Beige Brow Highlighter. 

It doesn't have to be complicated like you see in the hour long Youtube tutorials. Here's an easy TikTok video using our magical highlighter to help brighten and give your eyes a lift without surgery or expensive procedures! 

Remember, the more you know the more you glow!