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DIY Body Scrubs That Smell So Good You'll Want to Eat It (As Seen On TV)

Looking for a thoughtful, affordable gift?  

For this DIY sugar scrub recipe all you'll need is 1) Coconut Oil and 2) Sugar (essential oil is optional).

We use organic sugar and organic coconut oil for our handmade scrubs, but there are many other oils / sugars you can experiment with, such as apricot or almond oil and brown sugar.  We love to scent our handmade body scrubs with phthalate-free essential oils, but if you'll be making a lip scrub, be sure to use a flavor, instead. 

In this particular recipe, we used peppermint flavor so that it can be used on the body and lips. For fun, we've added a touch of all natural food coloring for visual presence. If you're feeling creative, you can even layer your scrub with different colors (as shown in our live TV demo / picture below) that represent your theme / scent and give your jar a little ribbon accent to tie it all together.