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Doing This Can Boost Your Immune System and Life's Progress

Do you ever wonder why some people follow their dreams and some people don’t?

The Biggest Little Farm (documentary) is a great example of BIG dream-following. A California couple demonstrates how their dream of creating a sustainable farm takes the ultimate amount of passion and persistance to transform their vision into reality.

I'd like to propose to you this -- You’ll never have a dream, however big, that you’re not capable of fulfilling.  

Here are three ways to get you on a path closer to your dreams:


If you want something but you don't believe that you're worthy or capable, your thoughts will never align with your vision and your dreams will end here.

A couple of months ago I reached a critical point in my personal and professional life. 

I had been putting off my writing and filmmaking passion for the past several years because I believed I couldn't do it while trying to lead a successful beauty business. 

There was only problem with that way of thinking - it was slowly killing me inside (more on that later).


Passion is important because it's the single thing that pushes you through hard times, like in The Biggest Little Farm.

When you're doing something you love it fills your heart with joy whether you're getting paid or not. 

All will never be lost when you're doing something you love.

And while passion is essential, progress is what makes us HAPPY. I'll say it again in case you're skimming too fast --

Progress is what makes us happy. 


Consistency guarantees you the satisfaction of knowing you really tried to do something one way

But don't worry. If it doesn't work out that one way you can always try it a different way. 

Most people will give up when times get hard. But nope, not YOU. 

Ignoring any of your passions and dreams effects every aspect of your life, whether you're conscious of it or not.  

A turning point for me was when I heard Rachel Hollis say:

"You can do everything, just not at the same time." 

WOW. Cue the parting clouds. My other dreams and passions don't have to DIE just because I have these new responsibilities now. 

Neither do yours.

Now go on with your bad self and dream BIG!

Remember, the more you know, the more you GROW.

With love and more love,