Don't Make These Eye Area Mistakes That Age You

Don't Make These Eye Area Mistakes That Age You

Posted by JQ on Mar 21st 2023

Hey Beautiful!

The eye area is the most delicate thin tissue on your body. One of the most common mistakes women make is forgetting to take these easy steps to lift their face and eyes with makeup.

At a recent non-profit fundraising event for Beautifully Loved, an organization we support year-round that's dedicated to helping children with diseases and disorders, I shared my makeup tips for women over forty. Today, I'll share them with you, too! 

Before we begin, know that skin prep is so important to do so that you have a better makeup experience, especially if you're one of many women over 40 that are struggling with dry, crepey skin. So make sure at the very least to apply a great moisturizer, such as our Whipped Olive Oil Face Butter, to your eyes, face and neck.

As a reminder, your Sunscreen always goes on last before your makeup. For more information on how to protect your skin the right way, visit our blog post here.

It's true that there aren't any 'rules' when you do makeup because it's about creative expression and freedom, but after 40 there are different ways to apply your makeup if you want to achieve a more youthful look.

First things first, you have to wear primer under your eyes and on your eyelids if you want your makeup to stay on. If you're unsure about what type of makeup goes where I created a blog post for you here about How To Look 10 Years Younger With Makeup. Primer works because it not only smooths out the surface area of the skin you're working on, but it also helps keep your makeup in place all day long.

Before you begin your eye area makeup, I like to start with the brows. This is because the brows frame the entire face, so if you forget, it'll feel like something's 'missing'. If you have thinning brows I recommend using our brow gel because it has microfibers to help fill in the gaps while helping your brows hold their shape. It's not enough to just brush your eyebrows up because the hair, like the hair on your head) will usually fall back down. Using a gel or wax will help them stay brushed up, giving your eyes an additional lift!

As a bonus tip, if your brows are thinning, try mixing Castor Oil with a tiny bit of Rosemary Oil and using it as a treatment. Simply apply, leave on for 20 minutes and rinse off. You can also sleep with Castor Oil overnight if you're not using Rosemary Oil and this may help with hair regrowth. 

To save you time, here's a natural hair regrowth formula that contains both castor oil and rosemary.

There's a reason they say that eyes are the window to the soul. But there's also ways to close the blinds over that window if you're not careful. If you have deep set, hooded or heavy eyes, you'll especially benefit from these next eye area tips.

Easy Eye Area Tips For More Youthful Eyes:

1) Wear a hydrating primer under your eyes. Whatever you use on your face, you can use under your eyes, too. We love to use our Priming Duo.

2) Use an eye color primer on your eyelids. There are many good brands and it doesn't matter if it's tinted or clear, the idea is to use something that will help keep your eye makeup from moving all over your face. One of my favorite OG eye color primers is by Urban Decay.

3) Use a full coverage creamy concealer but stay away from the outer area of your eyes where you see the beginning of fine lines and wrinkles. We recommend using our Photo Touch Concealer.

4) Use a setting spray. If you don't like the way it feels when you spray it on your face then spray a little on the back of your hand and press it on your face with two fingers, especially under your eye area. One of my favorite OG setting sprays is POREfessional by Benefit.

5) Use an eye highlighter. We recommend using our Matte Beige Brow Highlighter because it's not shimmery, has a tackier consistency so it stays in place, and you can use it in so many ways! The most popular way is under your brow bone to lift your eyes!

While there are MANY more eye area tips I can and will be giving you, these are the essentials. 

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Remember, the more you know the more you glow!

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ps. if you have a few quick moments, please check out Beautifully Loved's wonderful organization and help us spread the word about their passionate mission to provide comfort, fun and light to children & families with cancer!