Exfoliation Secrets For Smoother Skin And Smaller Pores

Exfoliation Secrets For Smoother Skin And Smaller Pores

Posted by JQ on Jul 28th 2022

Hey Beautiful!

By now you know that exfoliation is important, but let's talk about why it's so important.

The most obvious reason you may be aware of is that exfoliation helps remove the dead skin cell build up that often makes your skin look tired and dull. 

And as we age that cell rate turn over starts to slow down, so helping it out via exfoliation is a great way to maintain your glow and keep your skin from getting sluggish. 

Did you know that exfoliation can also make your pores appear smaller, too? 

While pores are often genetic and don't permanently shrink, healthy exfoliation can help.

In an exampleSalicylic Acid is oil soluble so it also helps clean out your pores differently than other acids, often reducing the appearance of larger pores.

Depending on what type of acids you're using and in what form, they can also help reduce inflammation and lessen discoloration. 

As a bonus, using acids helps smooth out your skin so that your makeup goes on smoother. 

There are other forms of exfoliation, but my favorite by far is a chemical one because I believe it's easier to control without the risk of micro-cuts to your skin. 

Some other ways that you may enjoy exfoliating is with an exfoliating cleanser, leave on tonic or facial mask.

If your skin is super sensitive to acids ask your esthetician or dermatologist about dermaplaning, a professional  exfoliating service where a stainless steel blade is used to remove dead skin cells.

It's also important to know that even wiping your face with a towel can be exfoliating. So when you do, I recommend using soft flannel, microfiber or organic bamboo washcloths, like these I use from Amazon, that won't be disruptive to your skin. 

When deciding how much you should exfoliate I encourage you to consider the following:

Are you exfoliating enough? In other words, are you exfoliating but your skin still looks dull or lacks luster?

Are you exfoliating too much? Do you find that your skin burns or stings when you apply your acid-based products or when you apply any products for that matter?

Are you exfoliating with acids that are the right fit for your skin? In example, what are your ultimate goals? Is it to lessen the appearance of your larger pores or treat deeper wrinkles? 

Does your routine feel good on your skin without making your skin feel dry or tight? 

Still unsure if what you're doing is serving you the best?

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Remember, the more you know the more you glow!