Featuring our Holiday Gift Box

Featuring our Holiday Gift Box

Posted by Megan Pho on Oct 21st 2018

Holiday season is upon and with that said we have tons of gifts in our store. One of them being our holiday gift box including Jentri Quinn Makeup + Skin goodies. These cute little red boxes are perfect for gifting your loved one’s this season or maybe even yourself! Jentri includes the option to put either the seasonal Pumpkin Glow Mask or the Whipped Olive Face Butter along with her oil-based Rose Perfume and signature Chapstick. This gift box is all pre-made and ready for you to come grab it! Face value of $71, on sale for $49.

Product break-down

Pumpkin Glow Mask: Pumpkin is a superfood that's full of antioxidants and loaded with over a 100 beneficial nutrients that turns dull, dry skin suffering from the “winter blues” into happy glowing skin again!

Whipped Olive Face Butter: Our whipped olive butter is wonderfully hydrating, and especially healing on dry skin. It can be used as a rich night creme for the face and neck, and as a nutritious eye creme treatment to bring deep moisture and hydration to the skin.

Rose Perfume: Our 100% natural perfume will delight your senses! Our all natural botanical perfume comes in a convenient 10ml Roller Ball Amber Glass Applicator. Paraben, Alcohol, Sulfate & Phthalate free. No synthetic fragrance oil or artificial dyes or colors. Vegan

Chapstick: All natural, super soft and hydrating chapstick with no SPF. JQ's chapstick has been a customer favorite for many years!