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Heal Together

Hi Beautiful People! 

If you're just joining us here or haven't heard - there's a new group in town (on FB) and it's called "Heal Together." We started the group as a way for us all to connect and for me to use my skin care background and give back to a community of likeminded women where my services could be utilized, even remotely, and help people achieve healthier skin from any place on the planet. But the universe had a slightly different plan in mind and it's evolved into something much larger for us -- A community where we integrate health and wellness practitioners with likeminded enthusiasts (aka forever students) so we can all learn from one another and support one another in ALL areas of our growth and wellness. So please join us, if you haven't yet, and don't be shy about jumping in. We're all in this life together just trying to do the best we can. But we're so much more powerful when we can join hands and heal together. 

Your Mindful Esthetician,


Megan Pho photographed by Jeana Marino in Austin, Texas