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How Inflamm-aging May be Affecting Your Skin


There's a good chance you've never heard of this word before now.

According to Wikipedia, Inflamm-aging (also known as inflammaging or inflamm-ageing) is a chronic low-grade inflammation that develops with advanced age. It is believed to accelerate the process of biological aging and to worsen many age-related diseases.

If you've been with me for a while now, you've heard me talk about why I feel we should be treating our skin from the inside out.

Bad choices, stress and poor diets often lead to inflammation which can result in frustrating skin flare-ups, premature aging, and even acne.

But what we put on top of our skin can lead to inflammation, too.

Now, exfoliation is great when it's done properly (I'm personally a huge fan).

But what works for one person, doesn't always work for another.

And when we over-exfoliate or over-use products, we're at risk of sensitizing the skin.

This can lead to hyperpigmentation, dryness, crepey skin and severe dehyration.

And sadly, at this point, there's no amount of SPF you can use that will prevent it from happening.

But there's good news tucked away inside of all this aging talk!

With nearly a decade's worth of esthetics experience, I can help you stop the maddess, as Mr. Wonderful says!

We can heal or avoid low grade inflammation all together by understanding what products are right for our individual skin's needs.

Not relying on influencers that aren't skin experts or the latest trends just because they're cool is a good place to start.

Seeing a professional is the safest and quickest way to achieve optimal results and prevent inflamm-aging.

During virtual skin consultations we're able to address your individual needs and get your lipid barrier balanced so that it can function properly again. 

So what does all that lipid barrier stuff mean?

It simply means that we get your skin balanced and glowing again! 

What do ya say? 

Still not sure? Don't take my word for it -- hear what my happy customers have to say.Book your free 10 minute beauty consultation now by texting 214.770.9839.

During our time together we'll discuss your main skincare concern and how I can help you!

Or, reserve your customized 30 minute skincare consultation here now where we discuss all of your skincare concerns and goals and I create a customized plan to help you achieve your future skincare goals!

Remember, the more you know the more you glow!

With love,


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