How Our Olive Oil Makes Your Skin Glow Brighter

How Our Olive Oil Makes Your Skin Glow Brighter

Posted by JQ on May 2nd 2023

Hey Beautiful, 

If you've wondered what the difference is between our Olive Oil and others on the market, keep reading...

I'm not going to lie, we consider EVOO a rockstar! 

However, when you deal with Olive Oil from different regions you don't always know what you're getting. I was an esthetician for over a decade before learning this from my Italian guy, Alex. 

Our Olive oil is not only raw and cold pressed, it's from one particular area (our family farm in Italy) to ensure its quality and your skincare benefits. 

Sure, we could just add any ole olive oil and not tell you the difference like most companies, but when it comes to serving you, we go the extra mile because we think you're worth it.

If you're wondering why we chose Olive Oil, it's because it has a unique ability to help seal in moisture that's superior to other oils on the market and one of the main issues you face as you age is water loss. Olive oil works as an occlusive agent to retain your moisture for more youthful looking skin! 

You may have heard that olive oil is not right for you if you suffer from acne and that's true. Its intense moisture makes it a better fit for women with dry, mature, compromised, sensitive, and crepey skin (without acne). 

This is because after 40 you lose oil and this puts your mature skin at risk of water loss which causes your skin to be even drier. Drier skin leads to more visible wrinkles, unfortunately.  Not only does EVOO feel luxurious on your skin, it's also healthy and full of omegas that your body also loses with age. Besides wrinkles, dryness may lead to sensitized skin, which creates other problems. 

Many of our restorative skincare and body products (besides our serums) are carefully infused with this wonderful, skin-transforming ingredient that will not only nourish your skin but will make it feel silky soft. In addition, all of our skin-loving face makeup contains anti-aging ingredients with olive derivatives to help you maintain those benefits throughout your entire routine for brighter, more radiant skin! 

For more on how our olive oil helps you restore your dry, crepey skin and lessen the appearance of wrinkles, go here.

We hope you enjoy using our restorative beauty as much as we love creating them for you! 

With love,

Jentri & Alex