How to Level Up Your Skincare Routine After 40

How to Level Up Your Skincare Routine After 40

Posted by JQ on May 20th 2022

Hey Beautiful,

As an esthetician, I'm especially excited to offer you these two beauty elevators because I know the value that they'll bring to your routine!

If you're not using a good balancing cleanser already then everything else you do doesn't matter as much because you'll always be working in a "repair" state - trying to balance, hydrate or fight off bacteria.  

For this reason, we recommend using our Restorative Rose Cleansing Gel. This low lathering cleanser is lightly enhanced with natural rose essence and leaves your skin feeling clean and refreshed without striping your natural oils or leaving you with bacteria harboring residue. 

In addition, if you haven't found some awesome acids to level up your routine yet, we've got the perfect solution for you.  

If your skin is too dry, you'll want to step back and balance it before you integrate acids. If your skin is balanced but still dull or just lacks luster from build up, this is going to be a life changing step in your routine!

Our Brighten and Reveal Exfoliating Pads help relieve you of dead skin cells that reveal newer, more youthful skin for an over-all brighter glow! 

When used regularly, you'll see what a difference using a combination of BHA/AHA's can make.

Unlike other exfoliating products you may have tried, we also add anti-inflammatory agents, like soothing chamomile, to help you avoid any possible irritation.

Our triple acid formula is particularly beneficial for aging and breakout prone skin (consult with your dermatologist before using this if you're currently on medication). 

Our light and naturally derived fresh essence makes it the perfect compliment to liven up your senses!

We recommend incorporating this step into your routine 1-3 times a week, depending on your skin's needs.

You may also alternate and use this with our Advanced Retinol Night Cream (on different nights). 

If you generally have drier, sensitive skin that gets flakey when you use Retinol, try this:

1) Use your Advanced Retinol on day 1.

2) Use a moisturizing night cream like our Whipped Olive Face Butter on night two. 

3) Use our Exfoliating Pads on day 3.  Then repeat. 

And don't forget your eye area! Our Restorative PM Eye Cream is a wonderful compliment to any anti-aging nighttime routine if you want to restore your skin's radiance while you sleep. 

Your skin is unique and has individual needs, just like you, so be patient, kind and loving with your routine and it'll love you back! 

The more you know the more you glow! 

With love,