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How to Trust Your Gut and Be Healthier in 2020!

Hi My Friend,

It’s important to notice that while 2020 may be full of cheer and excitement for a lot of folks, not everyone is feeling the same at this time of year. 

Perhaps they’ve recently lost a loved one, or have ended a significant relationship. Bottom line, a new year doesn’t look the same for everyone all the time and that’s ok. 

So if this one isn’t for you, it’s ok to say so! If this describes a friend of yours, it’s ok just to be with them and let them know they won’t be alone. 

You don’t need to worry about saying the right thing or fixing anything. Life isn’t always warm and fuzzy, and it’s not about being fair. 

It’s largely about accepting the fact that the negative feelings from our past that we’re normally hanging on to no longer exist. It’s about believing that things can and will get better and being grateful that we have the choice to think so. 

The sooner we can come to peace with this realization, the sooner we can heal. So instead of trying to pump you up with motivation about 2020, I encourage you to honor where you are and the progress you have made. 

This year, instead of holding us all up to unrealistic NY’s expectations that less than 25% of people stick to, (we can discuss this later!) I decided to share some of the most valuable things I’ve learned from 2019, because -- as Maya Angelou always reminds us, "when you know better, [you] do better."

1) Trusting Your Gut - You’ve heard it a thousand times but what does it really mean? Has your body ever communicated with you that something wasn’t just right but you ignored it because you had something to gain? Perhaps you didn’t even understand the warning signs, like anxiety, or you were ignorant about what you were getting out of it. 

Have you ever kept pushing feelings to the back burner because you were scared of what would happen if you brought them to the front burner? 

Have you ever stayed in a relationship or job that you knew wasn’t supporting your inner vision and soul but you stayed anyway? 

That’s your gut communicating to you. So why do people stay in bad relationships, jobs, or situations when they know it’s not right? If you deliberately push down your feelings because you don’t want to “deal” with them, or you decided to stay in a toxic environment you have to look at the “why”. What are you getting out of it? 

We all consciously or unconsciously do this at some point in our lives. But the sooner we can recognize what our body is communicating to us the sooner we can make changes that will honor us instead of holding us back from the whole life that awaits us. 

And if you find yourself procrastinating from honoring your truth and playing the blame game, think twice. Tony Robbins said, “...if you're gonna blame people for all the shit, you better blame them for all the good too.”

2) The Power of Positive Feelings - We’ve all heard of “positive thinking” but what about “positive feelings”? This year, I’ve been beginning to understand more deeply how we create the frequencies that make up the energy fields that come back to us, similarly to the law of attraction — because after all, we are ALL energy. 

It’s no longer enough to just “think positive”. Dr. Joe Dispenza explains, “By Itself, Conscious Positive Thinking Cannot Overcome Subconscious Negative Feelings”. 

While positive thinking is valuable and essential to over-all well-being, nothing will compare to the energy that’s created from feeling abundant, grateful, and like you’re already driving that car you want instead of asking the universe or god to give it to you. 

When we just “ask” for things we don’t have we’re creating an energy field of “lack” instead of abundance. It’s a simple oversight to make if you don’t understand the principle. So how do we get there? When we understand that our feelings and heart are more powerful at sending messages to our nervous system than the brain ever could be on its own, then life can magically transform. 

Your prayer and / or meditation can be more intentional, therefore more meaningful and powerful. You can enhance your communication with the body through positive images that create positive feelings. If your brain was the only messenger, then your brain would mend a broken heart, right? 

But have you ever done something you felt passionately about that didn’t make as much sense to your brain? That’s because the heart is more powerful than the brain at sending messages to the nervous system and your heart holds the key to your feelings. 

The more we can listen with our hearts and really feel that we are already in a place of “enough” and truly be appreciative for it, the more those frequencies will circle back to us. That doesn’t mean that we don’t aspire for more, it just means we now understand the mind-body-spirit connection more deeply so we can use our own resources to get there.

3) The Importance of Being Healthier - Notice I didn’t say “healthy”. For some folks, I think this word can appear intimating and judgmental, even though I believe we all want to be healthier. This year, I’ve changed a lot about my diet. What was once good enough for me isn’t good enough for me anymore. 

Dr. Bruce Lipton said, “Just like a single cell, the character of our lives is determined not by our genes but by our responses to the environmental signals that propel life.” 

He explains that our environment, perception and diet will influence how the DNA is expressed differently (aka upgraded or downgraded). 

Because of this, these factors can also determine whether we get diseases. The good news is that we have the power to change our condition much more than we once ever thought possible. 

My good friend and IHP, Larrissa Ness-Williamson, enlightened me that while it’s great to generally look at your DNA makeup, because we can control so much of our our health moving forward with diet and lifestyle, it’s more effective to get a consultation and blood work done to analyze where you are now to understand how you can start making positive changes (if you can only choose one!). 

I’d like to encourage you to start small and not try to make big changes all at once. Small steady changes over a long period of time are more powerful than big fleeting ones. You don’t have to try to transform overnight, all you have to do is do better than the day before.

Thank you for spending time with me! Cheers to seeing more clearly in 2020! Let's continue to Heal Together.


Photo by Dani Quiroz