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Jumpstart Your Day With This Easy, Healthy Breakfast Recipe

This healthy, simple breakfast recipe from Alex is wonderful on many levels -- it incorporates omega 3's and potassium, plus, oats are rich in antioxidants and fiber. It's also very filling, so it can help you jump start your day while leaving you satisfied until your next meal! As a bonus, it's low fat, vegan, and gluten free! 

What you'll need:

*Preferred oats (any brand, organic if possible) 

*Preferred Milk (we use Almond Milk)

*Honey and cinnamon (to taste)

*Bananas and Apples 

*Peanut Butter (optional)

*Walnuts (optional)

How to do it:

If you choose to cook your oats on the stove top, we suggest using almond milk instead of water for a creamier consistency (follow directions on package for how long to cook your preferred oats).  Add honey and cinnamon while your oats are still cooking. Cut up fruit into small pieces. You can add the fruit in while you're still cooking if you prefer the taste of soft, cooked fruit, or you can top it off with fresh fruit once it's done cooking. At the end, drizzle peanut butter over the oatmeal and stir it in if you prefer an even thicker, creamier consistency. Top it off with some walnuts if like a little crunch! 


Jentri & Alex 

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