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Life Saving DIY Hand Sanitizer Recipe That Won't Dry Out Your Hands

Hey Friends!  

With all the supplies being scarce out there, here's a little DIY hand sanitizing recipe to help you get by!

All you'll need is some alcohol (over 90% is preferred), lavender (or scent of choice) and aloe gel (organic, when possible). 

You can likely find all of these online, if you can't in the store. Somtimes it's easier to find individual items like this than ones that are already pre-made. 

JQ TIP: You may substitue aloe with glycerine if you'd like!

Aloe and Glycerine are both humectants so they'll keep your hands from drying out! 


Add ⅔ cup of rubbing alcohol into a small bowl. Then add 1/3 cup of aloe gel (or vegetable glycerine). Add about 5 drops of lavender or any high quality essential oil you love putting on your skin and mix them all together. 

Afterwards, you can place the hand sanitizer in an empty dispenser or spray bottle (fyi- if it's thicker you may want a squeezable dispsenser). 

Of course, it's always easier to buy a cheap hand sanitizer, but besides the fact that sometimes they're hard to come by during times like this, they can also be very drying, further irritating or cracking already comprized, sensitive skin.

If nothing else, (and you're at all like me!) it's FUN to experiment and create your own products from time to time! 

Hope you find this helpful! I'd love to know how yours comes out.. leave me a note in the comments below! 

Remember, the more you know the more you GROW.



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