Special Mother's Day Gift Inside For You

Special Mother's Day Gift Inside For You

Posted by JQ on May 1st 2023

Hello Beautiful!

I'd like to start by sharing a special story with you about my mom and how she inspired me growing up. 

But real quick!  Don't forget to check out the special list of goodies I put together for you below. You can also take advantage of your free (Our Take On Eternity) gift at checkout by using code MOM, while supplies last.

What some people don't know about me is that I'm a second generation cosmetologist (licensed esthetician). My two siblings and I were raised by a single mom who worked full time as a cosmetologist (hairdresser). Her beauty shop was attached to our 100-year-old Sears & Roebuck (kit) home.

Most of her clients were over 60, so from an early age she taught us how to answer the phone politely and say 'yes and no, ma'am (which I still do to this day).'

Growing up, I’d often hear customers repeat the same stories over and over again to my mom, and it never seemed to phase her. I didn’t know what magic she used with them other than she talked louder and repeated herself a lot. All I knew was that they always left our house happier than when they arrived and with perfectly coiffed hair.

In 1997 our family home burned down, so my mom began doing her beauty work in a retirement community where she often provided services to elderly women who would scream obscenities at her because they had diseases like dementia. By this time, I had a better understanding of her magic; her ability to have empathy, tolerance, and understanding. These qualities in my mom always made her customers feel seen and heard.

When I decided to start my beauty business about 25 years ago, I didn't realize all of the responsibilities it would eventually come with. You see, I didn't set out to specifically treat women with skin conditions and diseases -- but they chose me, and I listened. Like my mom listened to her customers.

Learning from brave survivors and warriors over the years, hearing their stories and witnessing their deep reserves of strength have given me a certain type of fulfillment I could never find from just making 'beauty products.'

To this day, whenever I give an esthetic service or someone uses one of my beauty products (maybe that's you!) my hope is that you'll feel special, cared for and seen the way my mom made everyone around her feel - because you deserve it.

Here's a special gift guide I've put together for you:

1) Eye Dream of Coffee:  If you haven't tried this yet, you're missing out. This is our #1 selling skincare product at JQ and for good reasonIt targets dark circles and puffiness. Need I say more? Your eyes will thank you! 

2) Matte Beige Brow Highlighter: This is our #1 selling makeup item because it works in so many magical ways! You can use it under your brow bone for a natural looking eye lift, as an eye primer, eye brightener, or even around your lips to help keep your lip color from bleeding! 

3) Priming Duo: One word, RADIANT SKIN (ok, two). This is our longest best selling skin-loving makeup product of all time. It smoothes, conceals, protects, primes, evens, hydrates, and brightens. Is there anything this product can't do? That's the real question. 

4) Whipped Body Butter: Infused with EVOO from our family farm in Italy, this luxurious body cream is intoxicatingly delicious. It's natural chocolate aroma from our organic cocoa butter will send you strait to spa heaven. 

5) Whipped Face Butter: Discover healthier, hydrated and happy skin again with our restorative face butter that's divine for all skin types because it's fragrance free, anti-inflammatory, and full of nourishing butters that will leave your skin silky soft within minutes. Best of all, you can use it around your eyes, face and neck, day or night! 

Whether you're celebrating your own mom, a mother figure, being a mother, bonus moms you know and love or simply the fact that you exist -- Happy mother's day. 

I'm grateful you're here. 

With Love,


ps. as a special gift this Mother's day use code MOM at checkout to receive your limited edition free gift ($26 value) inspired by mother's favorite perfume - Eternity.