Stop Doing These 5 Things to Your Skin!

Stop Doing These 5 Things to Your Skin!

Posted by JQ on Jun 18th 2021

Hey Beautiful!  Over-loving your skin sounds like a good thing but when it's mixed with the latest and greatest sexy exfoliating tonics and potions every day it can be a bit much for your skin and lead to other skin conditions.

After 40, your skin starts to lose moisture at a more rapid rate, too, so couple that with the natural (and self-induced) loss of collagen and it's easy to start looking a little devitalized. 

But the good news is that it's all fixable, and I'm here for you. 

So here's some tips on what not to do, with some replacement tips to try! 

1. Stop over-exfoliating. 

Although exfoliation is very important, especially after 40, over-exfoliating can lead to sensitivity and dryness. If this ever happens make sure to take a step back and let your skin relax for a few weeks (you heard me -- RELAX). I know you're used to taking care of everyone else but hear me when I say - take a break this time, mama. 

The great news is you don't have to do much of anything to restore your skin. Use a hydrating cleanser, wear your hydrating or calming facial lotion, like our Whipped Olive Face Butter and SPF (if you'll be out and about). The key is to give your skin a break from exfoliating agents. Besides, your skin barrier actually needs a certain amount of skin cell build up to be healthy! 

2. Stop using foaming cleansers. 

They're among the most drying cleanser types on your skin, and after 40 you don't need anything to strip your skin from its natural oils. 

While products are not all created equal, it's all a balancing game, and sticking to gels and cleansing lotions are a safer bet. 

3. Stop using oils without humectants as your moisturizer. 

Nourishing oils, like ones that are in our Glow Oil, are one of the best additions you can have to your skincare routine, especially if you're over 40 with dry skin, but don't rely on oils alone to hydrate your skin. 

There's so much marketing around oils, and while they do serve us in a moisturizing way, they're still occlusive agents generally meant to lock in moisture. You can't lock in moisture you don't have (we'll get to more on this in a second).

Even if your skin is oily it can still be dehydrated, so make sure you're using a topical agent, like our Hyaluronic Acid Serum to help bring moisture up the cells of your skin and help you retain it. 

4. Stop picking at your skin. 

I know, easier said than done but picking can lead to post inflammatory marks and even scaring. 

If you have dry patches on your face, try this instead: After applying your serum and/or face lotion, put a little Aquaphor on your dry patches, wait a few minutes and follow it up with your sunscreen. 

At night, you can also sleep with a little Aquaphor on your dry patches to help seal in the moisture. This should always be a short-term solution to your dry skin problems. 

5) Stop using magnifying mirrors.

Chances are no on will ever be that close to you and if they are they don't care. Everyone is generally focused on how they look, and in my option, these mirrors often encourage us to be focused on the wrong things that lead to over loving and picking at your skin.  

Here are your takeaways: 

Your goal is always to balance your skin. 

Pay attention to how your skin feels after your wash it. 

A good cleanser can make or break your entire routine. 

When in doubt about the "right" cleanser, stick to gels and lotions that won't likely strip your skin.

If your skin seems too dry or sensitive in general, lay off your exfoliants a few weeks and re-introduce them slowly.

Even if your skin is oily, it can still be dehydrated, so make sure you're using an oil-free, humectant based moisturizer, like our Hyaluronic Acid Serum. 

If your skin is dry, opt for including an oil, like our Glow Oil, to lock in your moisture. 

If your skin seems dehydrated (often feels tight, void of moisture) then opt for a moisturizer with humectants and oil, like our Whipped Olive Face Butter - a synergistic duo! 

And whatever you do -- don't pick, it only leads to more stuff you'll have to correct. 

With love,


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