The Best Hair Care Routine For Dry Damaged Hair

The Best Hair Care Routine For Dry Damaged Hair

Posted by JQ on Jul 2nd 2024

Hey Beautiful!

Have you ever looked in the mirror and felt like your hair looks like...well, a little like straw?

I feel you! It’d been about a year since I’d put highlights in my hair or any kind of bleach for that matter so I forgot how DRY bleach can make your hair.

But fear not! Today we're on a mission to bring your dry, damaged locks back to life and we're bringing in the big guns: my amazing mother, a beauty pro for over 50 years, and she's sharing her secret weapons to banish dryness and bring your hair back to life.

So let’s talk bleach (the main culprit). 

Why does your hair get so dry after bleaching?

The hair cuticle is the layer that helps lock in moisture, so one reason your bleached hair looks frizzy is because that layer has been disrupted. My mom explained that this dying (bleaching) process may make your hair swell, which can also make it look fuller, (which we like!!) but the downside is that now your hair cuticle has to be rehabilitated, so to speak, so you’ll need specific products to help you restore its moisture and shine.

This is the secret that no one tells you about your hair care routine: scalp care is skincare. 

Think of your scalp as simply an extension of your face. The scalp, however, is thicker than the skin on our face and contains more hair follicles, sebaceous and sweat glands than anywhere else on our body.

The key remedy for dryness? Moisture, Moisture, Moisture! 

Look for a keratin-containing shampoos and conditioners with ingredients like humectants, such as Hyaluronic Acid, (similarly as you would look for humectants for skincare products you put on your face) and oils, such as shea butter. These heroes will plump up your strands and leave them feeling oh-so-soft.

I also love a good weekly hair mask! This step is optional and may not be necessary if you have a really good conditioner.

When you're on the hunt for hair care products for dry hair, become a label detective! 

Look for keywords like "hydrating," "moisturizing," and "repairing." These are your friends. Avoid things that say “clarifying” or that contain lots of alcohol, which can be super drying.

If you prefer to use natural oils from your kitchen try these hair-friendly oils to help nourish your strands back to life:

1) Extra Virgin Olive Oil (our BFF)

Not only is EVOO a wonderful oil to look for inside of skincare products as you age, but it's a wonderful addition to your hair care routine as well.  Use a few drops of EVOO at a time and apply it with your fingertips, focusing on your ends

2) Coconut oil

This fan fave works to create a protective layer to your hair and helps prevent protein loss. Rub a small amount of coconut oil together between your palms and apply it to dry, split ends.

Bonus tip! Did you know that your hair and scalp is vulnerable to burning from the sun, too? If you experience scalp irritation, you can look for hair products, such as dry shampoo that contains SPF, or wear a hat for extra sun protection.

In addition to a good conditioner, look for these other essential hair care products that will help you restore your locks:

Leave-in conditioner: additional measure to help restore dry, frizzy hair and lock in moisture.

Heat Protectant: contains essential ingredients that help coat hair and prevent future damage.

Bonus tip: Much like the skin on your face, your hair doesn’t appreciate very hot temperatures so avoid super hot water when washing your hair and stick to rinsing with cool water when possible.

Remember, the more you know the more you glow!


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