The Right Way to Use Your Beauty Products

The Right Way to Use Your Beauty Products

Posted by JQ on Sep 21st 2021

Hi Beautiful!

As you level up your anti-aging routine it's common to add products and wonder how the heck to incorporate them into your existing routine! 

Below, I've outlined an example of an AM and PM beauty routine using our products, but the real beauty of it is that you can use these easy guidelines to serve you regardless of what brand of products you're using.

These basics are not only essential to the health of your skin, but are also important so that you maximize your efforts and results! 

When in doubt, always apply your products thinnest to thickest. 

AM routine: Cleanse 1 X with Restorative Rose Cleanser, Hydrating Mist (optional), Vitamin C + Correcting Serum, Eye Dream of CoffeeWhipped Olive Face ButterGlow Oil (optional - best option for very dry skin), SPF (omit face OIL when using SPF so the oil doesn’t negate the efficacy of your SPF).

You may also replace your Whipped Olive Face Butter with The Good Sunscreen (no need to use both at same time because ours is an all in one luxurious face butter + sunscreen).

Also, if you’d like to use your Glow Oil but need to wear SPF during the day too, apply a couple of drops of your Glow Oil on before your face butter.

SPF should always be the last step in your AM skincare routine and always wait 5-10 minutes after applying sunscreen to apply your makeup. 

PM routine: Cleanser 2 X, Mist (optional), Serum (optional - Hyaluronic Acid or Youth Restoring Balancing Serum are ideal choices), Restorative PM Eye TreatmentAdvanced Retinol Night Creme, Glow Oil (optional, best option for very dry skin).

When using our Brighten and Reveal Peel Pads: Cleanse, use Peel Pads per instructions (no more than 2 X week if using Retinol), Hyaluronic Acid Serum or Youth Restoring Balancing Serum (optional), Moisture (Whipped Olive Face Butter is ideal), Glow Oil (optional - pressed on top of face butter).

When using our Eye Dream of Sleep (wrinkle repair mask) this should be used as the last step in your skincare routine, no more than 2-3 times a week. 

If your skin is crepey, dry, sensitive and/or irritated (aka in repair mode) and you feel you need to give it some extra love during the day, try our Soothing Eye Balm, perfect for day/night and can be layered with any of your existing eye products to help lock in moisture and prevent water loss. 

This will ensure that you don't move your sunscreen around (or off!) your face and that your makeup doesn't peel.

Makeup reminders:

Our QUINNtessential Priming Duo is an all in one anti-aging tinted moisturizer and primer with medium coverage (it has the consistency that's between a BB & CC cream). I wear it alone every day but you can apply full coverage foundation over it anytime as needed.

Is this helpful? Do you have questions? Please drop them below so I can be of service.

With love & appreciation,