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The Secret to Healing Your Skin Vibrationally

Hey Beautiful,

As much as I love to develop the next best facial or eye cream, I'm going to tell you a little skin secret: 

The cells of our body are continuously regenerating, and we have genetic power to change what we don't like.

Ya see, when we think something is wrong and focus on it, whether it be gray hair or wrinkles, the cells of our body vibrationally respond to our thoughts causing more of what we don't want.

Simply put, thoughts lead to feelings and feelings lead to actions.

This is not a pie in the sky way of thinking.

It's scientifically proven that we can impact our genes (for better or worse) by how we feel because feelings lead to genetic changes in our body. 

So how do I feel pretty when I see wrinkles? 

When we can learn to be at peace with our life circumstances without resistance, we no longer give power to the negative emotions that shape our existance. 

In fact, we can use our positive feelings to increase the regenerative process of cells that can lead to a healthier body, and yes.. even healthier skin.

After all, our skin is our largest organ.

So how can I turn on and off the vanity switch when I don't like what I see?

The idea isn't to stop thinking about vanity. 

When you try to stop thinking about something you don't want, you usually think about it even more.

The idea is to redirect your attention on to things that make you feel GOOD.

So start asking yourself:

What makes me feel good?

What do I like about my face and body?

What do I appreciate about myself?

And focus on that.

Eventually your vibrational messaging will improve, translating into a more positive effect on your skin.

I'm not suggesting that you start and stop here, but a part of the healing process - whether it be life treatening or something superficial you'd like to change, starts with the energy you're giving to it.

Whether you believe in vibrations or energy healing is irrelevent. 

Just feeling good will work its magic for you.

With love, light and good vibes,


ps. have you heard about the benefits of laughing, yet?

Image by Jeana Marino