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This Will Change Your Skin Forever

Hey Beautiful!

May I have some tea with my sugar, please?  

Yes, this used to be me. In fact, I still struggle with my sugar impulses every day.  

Can you relate?

As much as we love our sweets, when you consume sugar it can cause increased insulin, instigate glycation, which leads to pre-mature aging, (for more on glycation go here) and encourage an inflammatory response in the body.

BUT the the super duper sweet news is that its natural glycolic and humectant agents help seal in moisture, soften your skin, and exfoliate dead skin cells when used topically -- for a more youthful appearance! 

This also means it brings moisture up to the cells of your skin and helps you retain it, especially when used in conjunction with other occlusive agents, like our organic coconut oil and extra virgin olive oil 

What makes our premium body scrubs different is that we use organic sugar, not salt, and infuse them with our luxurious EVOO from our family farm in Italy! 

As a bonus, sugar scrubs gently remove dirt and unclog pores better than salt scrubs because the granules are smaller so they're also great for sensitive skin!

Also, when you use our body scrub, there's no need to use traditional soap, too - it naturally cleanses, exfoliates and moisturizes your skin! 

Using a body scrub on a regular basis is the number one way to improve and soften your body's texture so that you can achieve a more youthful glow, naturally!

And I've just created a super simple way to make it easy for you to do this without having to remember a thing -- I'd like to welcome you to join our new body scrub club (coming soon)!

Exclusive members receive a 4 oz body scrub duo that's not available to other online shoppers each month and a complimentary lip scrub with every order, plus free shipping! You'll also receive a free chapstick with your first order!

Stay tuned for more details later this week! 

If you're among the first 20 people who sign up for your subscription box before 2/7/21 you'll also receive a free eye kit sample (includes our brand new Eye Dream of Coffee and Restorative PM Eye Cream) OR a travel size version of our intoxicating Whipped Body Butter that naturally smells like chocolate! 

Remember, the more you know the more you glow! 

With love,