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This Will Help You Solve all Your Skin Problems

Hey Beautiful! 

When I was in my 20's my skin did a 180 for the worse,  but thankfully my first facial with an experienced esthetician came along soon after and influenced the trajectory of my entire life. 

For two decades now I've been offering beauty serices across Texas, and for almost 10 years I've been offering esthetics services to my wonderful clients, formerly in Boulder, CO and more recently in Austin, CO.

I love my clients and get immense satisfaction out of helping them solve their skin issues.

Often, I work with women over 35 to help them restore their skin and confidence, but with the pandemic, everything's changed...

I'm really happy to be able to still offer you my services via virtual consultations! 

It's simply the most effective, safest and easiest way to achieve results from the comfort of your own home.

Best of all, 15 minute consultations about beauty product recommendations are always free!

If you want a fully personalized consultation based on your specific skin type and needs, I offer one hour consultations that you can easily book online here.

Skin care consultations include $100 worth of free product that are recommended from my line, Jentri Quinn Makeup + Skin. 

If you're still not convinced this service is for you, view some of my reviews online from my past skincare clients.

Consultations always come with free follow ups, because your happiness and skincare success is important to me! 



(Jentri with real life client, Beth)