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Tired of Looking Tired all the Time?

Hey Beautiful,

Do you have eye bags, dark circles or unhappy lines on your face that don't reflect how you feel inside?

Do you ever wonder about natural skincare alternatives, and if they're even worth it or safe?

This episode is super special because it's with one of my best friends, who's also one of the sharpest, most down to earth women I know, Clare Henderson.

Raised in Austin, Texas, she now lives in London so my only happy hours are with her on FT! 

We went to school together at Aveda many years ago, and since then she's worked for big companies like Allergan and Venus Concept.

Honestly, I'll take any excuse to talk with her because she always teaches me something new, just like she does in this episode for us! 

Inside our intimate conversation, we get down to the nitty gritty of common skin concerns, and address all the things you've been secretely wondering about but are too scared to ask about when it comes to your skin! 

These tried and true options are not all natural, of course, but they are more natural alternatives to surgery.

If you know me, you know I like to keep it more holistic, but as an esthetician and beauty lover I love to keep learning about what's out there, and honestly, it's not about me it's about you -- my customers. 

Sometimes you may want something that's stronger than what I offer for a special occasion, and it's my job to be able to direct you and be educated about what's available.

If you've been wondering what else you can do temporarily to help with wrinkles, deflated or dry skin or tired eyes, look no further - we're about to take you there! 

Listen to our episode here, or just about anywhere else there's a podcast! 

Remember, the more you know the more you glow! 



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