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What no-one tells you about pH and Aging!

Balance is everything. At least when it comes to your pH!

If you’re wondering about the “pH” you keep hearing me talk about in my videos or are confused about what the heck pH exactly even means - you’re not alone. But it doesn't have to be confusing in the way science may have made it sound- let me streamline it for you!  I was first introduced to the idea of even thinking about pH when I was in esthetics school many years ago. Everything is connected - our diet-wellness-skin-and overall health— and I’m going to tell you how to balance your pH for more optimal results. But first, what the heck IS pH and why does it matter so much?? 

pH stands for potential hydrogen. The pH scale measures acidic and alkaline levels which range from 0-14. Neutral is 7, under 7 is acidic and above 7 is alkaline (read more about pH).

Everything from exercise, stress, drug use and an inflammatory diet can create inflammation, which is at the core of all diseases. Also, stress encourages unwanted hormones, such as cortisol, to infiltrate your system and this can lead to premature aging -- eek (but that may be the least of your problems). Healthy cells and cancer cells are also affected by pH.

However, your body's pH is looked at slightly differently than your skin's pH.  The products you use topically matter and can affect your skin health. If the products used change the pH of the skin in a negative way (such as a harsh cleanser) then it can throw off your pH and damage your skin's acid mantle. According to wellandgoodcom, "Healthy skin should be slightly acidic, with a pH between 4–5.5." 

To initially test your pH you can buy inexpensive tests on Amazon for under $10.

So what can you do to help balance your pH (from the inside) you may be asking?? Well, let me assure you there are many things you can do to create balance! To start, try one or a combination of the following to improve your pH (and over-all mental health!): meditation, exercise, eating more plant based foods and stress management activities (yes, even funny movies count- laughing is healing!) These are just some ways you can reduce the negative day to day impacts of unbalanced pH and improve your over-all health. It's all connected. 

Bonus Tip! Start out the day with water and a splash of lemon to help balance your pH! One of my all time favorite drinks to help balance out pH is a hot (or cold) lemon drink in the morning. Heat up a cup of hot water, add a splash of lemon and a tiny bit of natural sweetener, such as honey (optional) OR simply squeeze lemon in your cold refreshing water and drink up! Either way, it’s a great way to start the day before that cup of coffee!! ;) 

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