What They Don't Tell You About Hyaluronic Acid

What They Don't Tell You About Hyaluronic Acid

Posted by JQ on Aug 20th 2021

Hello, Beautiful!

Hyaluronic Acid is one of my favorite long time humectants that holds a thousand times its weight in water.

Also known as Polysaccharide, a complex sugar, HA helps bring moisture to the cells of your skin and helps you retain it.

When HA isn't used correctly, however, you run the risk of actually making your skin drier. 

Who wants that??

After 40, we naturally lose HA which is why we use it topically -- because it's a pointed way to be target specific when it comes to adding hydration to your face.

Water loss is at the heart of so many things we experience as we age that we don't want, like crepey, devitalized skin.

To clarify, when your skin is dehydrated you need water loving ingredients. 

When it's dry you need oil. 

Sometimes, as you know, you need both.

When you apply HA it's important to apply it on clean moist skin, ideally right when you get out of the shower/bath. If you can't do this, no worries, applying a hydrating mist can offer you the same benefit.

The idea is to help give your skin moisture for the HA to grab onto. 

When you're in a drier climate for instance, the humidity will be limited. 

Similarly, if your skin is already very dry and you don't offer it a moist environment, it can pull moisture from your very own skin.

When used the correct way, HA and other humectants are superior when it comes to offering us unparalleled water-loving benefits we need, especially after 40.

Another great thing about HA is that it has a plumping effect on your skin, which can help lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles! I often call it by Botox alternative, respectfully. 

But here's the secret -- you MUST apply an occlusive agent on afterwards to lock in the moisture.

I always say, you can't lock in what you don't have. 

There are many products that can offer you this type of benefit, like our best selling Whipped Olive Oil Face Butter that's fragrance free and ideal for sensitive skin.

Because it contains humectants (Organic Aloe) and nourishing oils, like Olive Oil, it allows you to double down on your hydration while locking in the moisture you wish you retain through it's occlusive emollients and oils.

Remember, the more you know the more you glow! 

With love,