What You Need to Know Now About Skin Damage

What You Need to Know Now About Skin Damage

Posted by JQ on Jan 3rd 2022

Hey Beautiful! 

Did you know that 80% of skin damage likely comes from the sun? And unless you're hiding under a rock, it's inevitable -- normal that you'll have some signs of aging from our sunshine friend.

Some damage comes from intrinsic factors, too, like repetitive moment (i.e., sleeping in certain positions that cause the skin on your face to pull a certain way or making facial expressions over and over again).

Sun damage is so significant, however,  because it causes collagen to further break down. 

After 35, it's normal to see a decline in collagen, but lifestyle, medication(s), and unprotected skin may all contribute to a speedier decline in collagen which also makes the signs of aging more visible.

It's likely that the damage you're now seeing isn't something that has sprung up over night. It may seem that way, but damage is slow to show up, so to speak, so when we see it it's likely been "happening" for a while -- even decades.

Although aging is a normal process of life, there are things we can do to be more proactive if we want to correct and protect our skin moving forward.

Regardless of what else you're using, here are 3 things your skin always needs:

#1) In the AM and PM, make sure to use a balancing cleanser, like our Restorative Rose Cleansing Gel, which is really the first step in any healthy skincare routine. It sets your skin up for success or failure, and we want you succeed! 

#2) In the AM focus on hydration and sunscreen. If you're forgetful, opt for an every day sunscreen that won't let you down, like our 2-in-1 luxury formula, The Good Sunscreen

And if you already have your favorite sunscreen, try our Whipped Olive Oil Face Butter that's complete with humectants and butters that fight against crepey skin and other visible signs of aging for a more youthful appearance. 

#3) In the PM, focus on ingredients/products to help you renew your skin, such as our Advanced Retinol Night Creme, that's full of anti-aging ingredients like peptides and Retinol with nourishing butters that won't dry out your skin.

There's no such thing as "late" if you want to start being proactive. These essentials are not only healthy for your skin but are designed to help you improve, restore and renew your skin at anytime in life. 

While you can't turn back time physically, you can always preserve what you have, correct what you don't like, and prevent pre-mature aging.

Remember, the more you know the more you glow!

With love and appreciation,