​Stop Lying to Yourself

​Stop Lying to Yourself

Posted by JQ on Jul 6th 2021

Hey Beautiful! 

Today, we'll cover three skincare tips for achieving optimal skincare results!

When you're fully honest with yourself we can start making the changes that need to be made to get you to your goals. 

1) Stop confusing skincare with skin health. Just because you have a big advanced routine doesn’t mean it’s a healthy one. And what worked in your 20's doesn't always cut it in your 40's and beyond. 

I commend you for being in a committed relationship, but it’s worth reassessing it if you’ve been doing it a while and haven’t gotten the results you want.

Remember, what works for one person, especially influencers, doesn’t always work for you!

2) Stop ignoring your jawline, neck and chest. Extend the love and care you apply to your face down to your neck and chest as these areas have often been forgotten and may have accrued more damage than your face. If you forget these areas it’s inevitable that you’ll begin to to see more signs of aging there as well.

There’s absolutely no research showing the neck or chest needs special ingredients.

The truth is that buying a separate product for these areas is unnecessary and more often than not a total waste of money. The only time you need different ingredients is when you are addressing different skincare concerns.

That doesn’t mean you should ignore your neck, just the opposite—but you need to be realistic and stop hunting for a special product with miraculous claims that will never work. 

Often times, using a good product with Retinol, like our Advanced Retinol Night Cream, can be extremely effective for all your anti-aging concerns. 

It's also important to note that reversing true sagging is best addressed with medical procedures, not creams.

3) Stop telling yourself that your makeup alone is enough as your sunscreen.  Powders are to hard to distribute evenly and sprays need several coats to amount to true protection — it doesn’t mean you should’t wear them but it’s important you know what you're getting so that you can have ample protection. Bottom line is to use a proper SPF before your makeup when you’ll be outdoors.

Pro tip! Apply your sunscreen as the last step in your skincare routine, before your makeup, and you can touch up your SPF over your makeup with a sponge or thin makeup powder puff.  

Make sure to apply it generously.

This may be an unpopular opinion, but I don’t believe you need sunscreen 365 days a year - I believe in logic. You need it when you’re outdoors and potentially driving/near windows all day.

But when you work indoors, like me, you can use common sense to gauge whether or not you need that added protection. 

When choosing a sunscreen, keep these tips in mind from skincancer.org:

Broad spectrum: Protects your skin from both UVA and UVB rays.

SPF 15: Ideal for every day, occasional exposure, like walking your dog, or driving to work.

SPF 30 or higher: Necessary for extended outdoor activities!

Questions? Please drop them below for more discussion. 

The more you know the more you GLOW!

With love,


ps. this is a pic of me and my sister modeling our sunscreen! Never mind Papa Jentri in the background!!! ;)